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United Airlines suspends flights to 11 US cities indefinitely

United Airlines is cutting routes indefinitely as a result of the pandemic.

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The pandemic continues to require airlines to be more efficient than ever and for that reason United Airlines is removing 11 small cities from its network in the United States, published Business Insider.

United has intensified analysis of its most profitable and sustainable routes, and despite the industry seeing a strong rebound in air travel, some of its routes have failed to recover.

With the pandemic, small cities are the ones that have suffered the worst part of the changes made by the main airlines, since flights are modified in response to demand.

Insider notes that 11 regional routes to small cities in Chicago, Houston and Denver have proven unsustainable and are being phased out.

These are the routes that United will stop flying indefinitely:

  1. Kalamazoo – Battle Creek, Michigan
    United will no longer fly to this destination, but American and Delta will continue to do so from Chicago and Detroit, respectively.

2. College Station, Texas
Here the option is to fly by American from Dallas-Fort Worth.

3. Columbia, Missouri
United will no longer be on that route but American will continue to operate out of Chicago.

4. Mosinee, Wisconsin
Before United’s departure, the option is Delta from Minneapolis-St. Paul and Detroit and domestic flights from Chicago.

5. Evansville, Indiana
The airport will continue with American flights from Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth and Charlotte, North Carolina, and Delta service from Atlanta and Detroit. Another option is Allegiant Air, which flies from Evansville to Orlando and Destin in Florida.

6. Killeen-Fort Hood, Texas
With United’s suspension from Houston, American remains the only airport carrier serving Dallas-Fort Worth.

7. Lansing, Michigan
United leaves this route but American will continue to operate at the airport from Washington, DC and Chicago; and Delta will operate flights from Detroit.

8. Monroe, Louisiana
The option here is Delta, which will continue to serve the city from Atlanta, while American will fly from Dallas-Fort Worth.

9. Pierre, Dakota del Sur
With the departure of United, Denver Air Connection, which is a scheduled passenger and charter airline, will be the only service option.

10. Watertown, Dakota del Sur
Denver Air Connection will be the only scheduled airline at the airport at this destination.

11. Twin Falls, Idaho
With the departure of United, Delta remains as the only operator, with service from Salt Lake City.

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