Saturday, October 16

United States vs. China: Can Beijing-Washington Relationship Rebound After Four Years of Donald Trump?

  • Tamara Gil – @_tamaragil
  • BBC World News

Biden y Xi Jinping en 2013.


Biden is not new to the government or his relationship with China: in this photo, in 2013, when he was vice president of Obama.

There is a kind of joke heard in some circles in Washington that when China talks about “win-win cooperation (win-win),” it means Beijing wins twice as much.

It is a saying that sometimes arises when talking about relations with the Asian country, but it serves to reflect the mistrust that exists between both powers.

Ties between the United States and China have deteriorated in recent years to a level not seen in decades, and now that it begins the biden era, a question becomes inevitable on both sides of the Pacific: can the situation improve?

Last week, both governments released some messages in this regard.

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