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United We Can ask to address the housing problem in Badajoz after the squatting of a flat

Protest against squatters on Wednesday in Badajoz. / jv arnelas

The formation believes that the PP “is using the fear of squatting to try to generate fear among the population, through hoaxes and false information”

United We Can Badajoz has come out against the statements of mayor Jaime Mejías, who in the protest against the squatting of a flat on Altozano street accused the Government of protecting the squatting. The purple formation considers “that in the case that occurred recently in Badajoz, justice has not been able to act as the owner of the property has not filed any complaint in this regard.”

In the opinion of United We Can, the Popular Party “is using the fear of squatting to try to generate fear among the population, through hoaxes and false information, and to create a sense of legal insecurity that does not currently exist.”

The party assures that in 2020, the rate of illegal housing occupation in Extremadura stood at 0.007%, being one of the least frequent complaints in the region and being below, and very far from, the rates of committing other crimes. .

“This,” they say from the municipal group, “leads us to think that the Popular Party is very interested in citizens seeing a widespread problem where there is none.”

They also explain that Judge Diego Álvarez de Juan, a specialist in this type of case, has explained in the media that “there are tools in the hands of justice to resolve these issues immediately.”

“Specific cases”

For the confluence of Podemos and IU in the Badajoz City Council, the question is clear: “the PP wants to focus on specific cases that occur – and that can be solved legally – sowing panic and mistrust among the population, but without addressing globally the problem of housing in the city of Badajoz».

The difficulty of access to social housing, as may have occurred in the case of the pregnant woman who was the protagonist of the squatting of an apartment on Altozano street, “has been a responsibility of the regional and local governments for many years and it is time to make more homes of this type available to the public.

The squatters of Badajoz leave the house due to the pressure of the neighbors

The training recalls that the «Spanish Constitution, the same one that guarantees in its article 33 the right to private property, also has an article 47 that says, very clearly, that all people have the right to enjoy decent housing and adequate, that the public powers will promote the necessary conditions and establish the pertinent norms to make this right effective, and that the use of the land will be regulated in accordance with the general interest to prevent speculation.

The reality of the city, says Podemos, is that “there are many families that cannot access this constitutional right, and neither the City Council nor the Junta de Extremadura are fulfilling their obligations, forcing people at risk of exclusion to seek, in any way and desperately, housing alternatives in the face of the lack of social housing in Badajoz».

In this sense, the left-wing formation announces that it will present a motion at the next plenary session in October to discuss and agree on measures that promote the creation of social housing in Badajoz, both by the Board and by the departments of Services Social and Urbanism. Badajoz needs to address the housing problem in a global way and wants the same media and political interest that has been given to the occupation of a student flat by a pregnant woman and her family to also have to spread and solve the real serious existing housing problems.

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