Tuesday, November 24

Universities will invest 190 million in science, innovation and digitization

Ninety million will go to science

Ninety million will go to science

The Minister of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society, Carolina Pascual, highlighted that her department will 190 million euros in the knowledge society, through the budgets allocated to innovation, digitization and scienceAt the same time, he stressed that the Department “is the backbone for our Valencian Community and the province of Alicante to be a benchmark in support of the entire technological and innovative ecosystem”.

Pascual made these statements after a meeting with the president of the Provincial Council of Alicante, Carlos Mazón, which was also attended by the rectors of the University of Alicante, Manuel Palomar, and of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Juanjo Ruiz, as well as the regional secretary for Innovation, Jordi Juan, the general director of SPTCV, Antonio Rodes, and the general secretary of the Valencian Agency for Innovation, Olivia Estrella, and the deputy for Agenda Digital, Adrián Ballester.

In this meeting Pacual has been able to learn about the projects of the Digital Intelligence Center (CENID), the alliance between the Provincial Council and the two universities in the province, which has already started its journey with eight projects for the digital transformation of the province.

The Regional Minister stressed that, in the next year, the investment in the Knowledge Society will be 190 million, of which nine million will be for the advancement of the Digital Society, among them, with the extension of the broadband, 50 million will be executed by the AVI in the field of innovation and transformation, seven million from the General Directorate of Innovation, 2.2 for the Fight against the Digital Divide and 22 million to promote technological attraction and transformation poles, through the District Digital.

In addition, Carolina Pascual explained that “they will be invested 90 million in science, an area that is also essential for recovery and that will feed the Valencian research system, in which universities play a fundamental role “.

Leadership and coordination

In addition, Pascual has highlighted that the Department “leads and coordinates innovation and knowledge transfer actions in Alicante and throughout the Valencian Community” and has valued “the collaboration with all administrations, each within the scope of their competences “.

“We have already signed a collaboration protocol with the Valencia Provincial Council and the Valencia City Council that we also want to be signed in Alicante and Castellón, with the Provincial Councils and Town Halls, in order that all initiatives go into the same line to achieve efficient use of public resources “, he indicated.

In this regard, he recalled that all innovative agents, companies, universities, research centers, technological institutes and some professional associations have come together around the common Inndromeda strategy designed by the AVI and promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana for all the territory and which was presented last week to the Alicante business community.

Thus, according to Pascual, “this is a very powerful tool that will achieve the digital transformation and the application of innovation in the productive fabric, in order to transform the economic model and reach all companies, whatever their size. ”

He has also valued initiatives such as that of CENID, which is promoted by the Alicante Provincial Council together with the universities of Alicante and Miguel Hernández, and has indicated that, in the province of Alicante and in the Valencian Community, “there is a great talent, there are many initiatives and all are positive in the line of contributing to the digital transformation “.

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