Thursday, March 30

Until dignity is custom

The inaugurations of Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez, the “I swear before my ancestors and ancestors until dignity is customary” of the vice president of Colombia They open up hope for a continent tortured by poverty, drug trafficking, violence and an economic culture based on looting.

The left comes to power Colombia and Chile, the two most interesting and renewed bets, with a global inflation unleashed and fear of a global recession. The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean assures that poverty will reach 33.7% of the population, 1.6% more than in 2021. Extreme poverty will affect almost 15%.

In this context, what are the recipes to alleviate or reverse the situation? What can the new left do to avoid being buried by a crisis that they did not cause? where are you going to get money the Chilean president, Gabriel Boric, to create a public health system, devastated by the liberal theories of the 80s imposed by the dictator Augusto Pinochet?

The ideal of the Great Homeland of Bolivar —limited to the Bolivarian countries (Venezuela, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia) or extended to the entire continent as some writers dreamed— it has only materialized in cases like that of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, that for decades bribed presidents, former presidents and officials of 13 countries.

Spanish colonization

centuries of colonization Spanish left broken societies, without a defined identity; they did not know if they wanted to be indigenous or European. The colony concentrated its exports in a few ports that were the focus of corruption. Spain’s problem is also that of the Latin American countries: we do not see the State as the common home.

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We failed to create strong democratic states because in many cases, especially in Latin America, we went from colonial submission to a prebendary state generator populisms. The liberators, related to our liberals, who had so little success in the nineteenth century, triumphed over moral and economic ruins that facilitated the figure of the caudillo. There were bold rulers, like July Rock, that imposed by law in 1884 common, free and compulsory primary education in Argentina.

The Cold War waged by the US and Russia between 1945 and 1991 materialized in Latin America in a succession of coups, civil wars and invasions, and in tens of thousands of disappeared. Washington considers everything south of the Rio Grande to be its backyard. The School of the Americaslocated in the Panama Canal, was university of dictators and torturers. It is the second crushing, a second colonization based on the extraction of wealth and the repression of indigenous peoples.

What does the new Latin American left have to say in all these processes? Should you agree with the president of Mexico, who collaborates with the US in the migrant crackdown fleeing poverty? Should he denounce a dictator like Daniel Ortega, who maintains a populist oratory as if it were the ink of a squid? Should you support Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, mired in corruption, already Nicholas Madurowhich is neither Hugo Chavez nor is it expected? What is the space for political action after the failures of the armed struggle of the 1980s that barely improved the lives of the poorest?

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latin american hope

Gustavo Petro, France MarquezBoric -and maybe a second Lula from October – represent hope. They are part of a dreamy leftand maybe more pragmaticswhich has not yet cut ties with the great myths of the 20th century: Fidel Castro Y Cuba.

Beyond the ignominy of the blow against Evo Morales, his mistake was trying to perpetuate himself in power. should not be references peter castle in Peru, which ensures great disappointments, nor the Ecuadorian Rafael Correawho after an exciting first term, betrayed indigenous people and feminists in the second to end up tainted by Odebrecht’s corruption.

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The Uruguayan remains as a continental moral reference Jose Mujica, former Tupamaro guerrilla, who knew how to see the mistakes of the past and criticize himself. Although he is not Nelson Mandelaremains an example of good government, a man capable of entering and leaving power with the same car, a light blue Fusca, and the same savings.

Part of the left in Spain should also be relocated, prisoner of flags, banners and slogans that do not modify the reality of the nobodies of Eduardo Galeanothose who “have no face, only arms, who have no name because they are a number”, but who want to live with dignity and justice.

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