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Unusual: an athlete from Argentina was the victim of her car theft and Tokyo 2020 medal

It was Maccari’s second medal, after winning his first at the 2012 London Olympics.


Winning an Olympic medal is a gigantic prize to the preparation for four years in the previous cycle. For some athletes it is glory, while others simply it is an object which you can sell. But a silver medal had great sentimental value for the Argentine athlete, Sofia Maccari. La “Leona” lost her Tokyo 2020 medal after her car was stolen in Argentina.

Through social networks, the athlete explained how a couple of criminals took all his belongings and his vehicle in which he kept the medal. The event occurred in Greater Buenos Aires and quickly Maccari contacted the authorities.

For those who “judge” I tell you that I had the medal with me to take to a friend who helped me a lot throughout the Olympic process. It is not only an achievement of our own, but of many people who accompany us along the way. And the most beautiful thing is to share it ”, said the field hockey player after the They will question for carrying the medal with them.

However, Maccari reported that the car was found and with it one of those responsible: a 17-year-old young man who was left at the disposal of the Escobar Prosecutor’s Office for minors. But the medal did not appear, which has affected the athlete. “I cannot explain the pain that this means. I ask everyone for their collaboration “, he expressed.

Faced with the dark panorama of the theft of the medal, some users through social networks advised the “Leona” to update members of the International Olympic Committee for a reply.

It is worth mentioning that the lost medal is the second he got in the Olympics. The Argentine athlete already had a silver medal after winning it in London 2012.

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