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Unusual: four members of the Cuban team defected in the Florida Baseball Pre-Olympic

César Prieto was the first to leave as soon as he got to the hotel.

Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images

Since the beginning Baseball pre-olympic, on Florida, the Cuban team suffered several losses of players. Again, the Cuban Baseball Federation confirmed the defection of another player from the roster. On this occasion, the one who abandoned the concentration was the pitcher Andy Rodriguez.

The Cuban player I had to take a flight to Japan, to join a team from that country, after receiving the approval of the Cuban Federation. However, the pitcher did not travel to his destination, according to information presented in the official report of the federative entity.

His position makes him a transgressor of the commitments assumed with Halcones de Softbank and the FCB, under which he formalized his link with the Japanese team ”, stated the statement from the federative entity.

With the case of Andy Rodríguez, they are already four members of the Cuban squad who decided to leave their country’s national team. Lázaro Blanco, César Prieto and the psychologist Jorge FigueroaIt was the other members of the Cuban team who decided to leave the team.

“As has already been expressed, amid the sustained aggression against Cuban sports, the disqualification aimed at normalizing the arrival of our players to the MLB constitutes a Encouragement for the orchestrators of these actions that incur the reprehensible trafficking of athletes”, Concluded the federative entity.

Sportingly, Cuba could not obtain a pass to the Tokyo Olympics, within the framework of Baseball Pre-Olympic of the Americas.

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