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Unvaxxed Sperm ▷ The cryptocurrency created to capture the money of the deniers

The cryptocurrencies are in fashion, so they are a pole of attraction for all those who seek promotion for a cause (just remember the Ayusomoneda o la MariCoin of the LGTBI collective) or, often, scam others, as happened last year with the The Squid Game token. Both interests shake hands in one of the last memecoins to appear on the market and achieve a certain public notoriety. Is about Unvaxxed Sperm, in Spanish Unvaccinated Semen, and has been launched anonymously by an alleged group of deniers of the covid.

The project website It can only be visited if you declare when entering against the “vaccination mandates” and it is a Joke of bad taste – Disagreeable joke from beginning to end. It would have its grace as a satire of the denial movement itself, not to play with a matter as sensitive as the Health of the people and, in the background, also with their pocket.

The main page of the project website

Because the creators of nuBTC (commercial acronyms of the invention) define their cryptocurrency as “the new Bitcoin”. There is nothing. In their delirium, they maintain that in the future the semen of unvaccinated people will be the only fertile and that, therefore, will end up being worth a fortune.

“We have created the ultimate Trojan Horse: a ‘meme token’ that is spreading virally the message that health, freedom, critical thinking and love will prevail over cognitive programming, conformity, shame and fear “, point out the anonymous responsible for the thing.

Fortunately, in this case, there have been (are) few unwary who have taken the bait and wanted to lose money with this investment. And the joke is so evident that even in the project’s white paper the only thing that can be read is “cumming soon” (“running soon”), which phonetically refers to “coming soon” (“soon”).

The Unvaxxed Sperm token can only be traded on PancakeSwap and at the time of writing these lines its price is 0,0000006155 euros. Its maximum historical price reached it on December 1, a day after its launch and was 0.00001019 euros, so its graph speaks for itself. Even so, in the last 24 hours they have traded almost 7.500 euros of this memecoin, a ridiculous figure for what moves in this market, but still very high for the absurdity of its proposal.

Gráfico del token Unvaxxed Sperm CoinMarketCap

The Roadmap The “project” includes milestones for this year such as the launch of “alternative pureblood apps from Tinder, AirBNB, and others” and Freedom Apothecary “a safe place for people to buy suppressed supplements and medications, including ivermectin, using nuBTC “.

For pure blood refer, of course, to people who have refused to be immunized against covid, while the ivermectina it is a medicine pesticide It is not approved for the prevention or treatment of COVID and can be very dangerous to use without a prescription.

The rampage continues with the announcement of the start of the “Operation Noah’s Ark”, which includes the cryopreservation of unvaccinated sperm and eggs, and the “Super Sperm Project”, of which they do not give more detail. It doesn’t need to be done, really.

The question that many will ask themselves, at this point, is whether Miguel Bosé You will have already bought a carrycot of nuBTC tokens.

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