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UPA-UCE considers the Government’s package of measures against the drought “insufficient”

Effects of the drought three years ago on the Cornalvo dam. / TODAY

The agrarian organization trusts that in the next Council of Ministers the green light will be given to the use of the EAFRD Funds to give direct aid to farmers and ranchers


UPA-UCE Extremadura considers that the measures announced by the Ministry of Agriculture to deal with the drought that the countryside is experiencing are “clearly insufficient” for Extremaduran farmers and ranchers. This has been made known in a statement in which, in addition, they have highlighted that they trust that “the next Council of Ministers will give the green light to use the EAFRD funds to grant direct aid to farmers and ranchers affected by the drought because it is assuming a catastrophe for Extremadura».

In addition, from this same agrarian organization they have demanded that the Junta de Extremadura provide a sufficient budget to implement complementary measures for the region. “The problem of the lack of water does not only affect irrigation in Extremadura, but we also see rain-fed productions in danger, where farmers are feeding their animals with feed and fodder facing skyrocketing prices,” they denounced in the release.

From this agrarian organization they are surprised by the announcement of some measures that were proposed as “a real solution” to the problem of drought but that, in practice, are clearly insufficient for Extremadura. For this reason, in UPA-UCE they consider that the central government “is not fully aware” of the seriousness of the drought for a region like Extremadura. “Exemptions from social security contributions or loans will not be a solution because, at this point, the countryside is already ruined,” they lamented.

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For this reason, from this agrarian organization they have insisted that Extremaduran farmers and ranchers need liquidity and not loans. At the same time, producers need “direct measures, of greater depth and with greater economic value than those announced yesterday by the Minister of Agriculture”, Luis Planas. «The Government and the European Union have to authorize direct aid to deal with a large-scale catastrophe such as the drought. Farmers and ranchers cannot continue to borrow more every day,” they stressed.

Some of the measures

Some of the measures approved yesterday by the Government included in the announced royal decree-law for the drought are: deferrals in the payment of Social Security contributions. Reduction of 20% of the net income for agricultural and livestock activities that pay IRPF through the module system. Total or 50% exemption, at least, from the payment of the water canon to the irrigators and from the payment of the rustic IBI under certain conditions.

The impact of these measures is valued at 450 million by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez.

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