Monday, December 4

UPA-UCE demands minimum transport services for farmers to feed the animals

The agrarian organization UPA-UCE has demanded the involvement of the Government Delegation in Extremadura so that it acts on the pickets and the food chain does not stop due to the transport strike.

Thus, among other issues, it demands minimum transport services so that Extremadura farmers can feed the animals.

When the fourth day of the strike called by the Platform for the Defense of the Freight Transport Sector is about to be fulfilled, according to UPA-UCE, Extremadura farmers face the “lack” of supply of the necessary raw materials, such as feed, to feed their animals.

It also adds that the animal feed industry cannot obtain supplies of raw materials to produce feed for livestock, nor can it deliver said feed to livestock farms in the region.

With this, in a press release, UPA-UCE Extremadura calls for the establishment of minimum services that guarantee the supply of food for all livestock farms since, if this situation continues, the consequences will be “enormous”, not only from the economic point of view but also from the fulfillment of the Animal Welfare laws.

In this regard, he emphasizes that in addition the movement of animals destined for slaughter is also being “harmed” by the strike, both in chickens and pigs.

In this way, so that the necessary feed supplies can continue to be made on a regular basis, it will be necessary, in turn, according to the agrarian organization, to guarantee the supply of raw materials for the factories that are responsible for making the feed.

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«We have already asked the Government Delegation to get involved and worry about guaranteeing the food transport demanded by Extremaduran livestock farms. If it is not complied with, we will face a catastrophic situation in every way”, highlights UPA-UCE.

The agrarian organization also wants to make it “clear” that it respects the sector calling the strike but maintains that this cannot cause “irreversible” damage to certain sectors such as ranchers. “We need the involvement of the Government Delegation to act on the pickets that are necessary, guaranteeing that our cattle do not run out of the necessary feed to survive,” he asks.

At the same time, UPA-UCE Extremadura also warns that the shortage of the feed necessary to feed the cattle is compounded by the suspension of the activity of the Spanish dairy industry, thus putting “at risk” the distribution of basic foods such as milk and dairy products throughout the country due to the transportation strike.

According to it, the factories have also seen “interrupted” the supply of the necessary inputs for the production of dairy products and for the transfer of the final product to the distribution chains, for which “the capacity for packaging, storage and management of a highly perishable and essential food for daily consumption».

“This stoppage is having unavoidable social, economic and environmental consequences, since it means the suspension of milk collection on livestock farms and, above all, it puts at risk the supply of nutritionally basic products in people’s diets, such as milk and dairy products”, points out the agrarian organization.

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Finally, UPA-UCE Extremadura insists again that “you don’t play with things to eat” and from the “maximum respect” calls on the transport sector “because the food chain cannot stop”.

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