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Upset of the lawyers of the Kitchen by the secrecy in the statement of the ex-driver

The ex-driver of Bárcenas upon arrival at the National Court.

The ex-driver of Bárcenas upon arrival at the National Court.

Lawyers who appeared in the Kitchen piece on the espionage of Luis Bárcenas have felt annoyed that the judge has taken a statement from the ex-lawyer of the PP ex-treasurer, Sergio Rios, in a secret subpart of this case, preventing the parties from attending, except for the Prosecutor’s Office and their defense attorney.

In fact, the defense of ex-commissioner Jose Villarejo He asked the judge on Tuesday to suspend the ex-driver’s statement for having agreed to it in the framework of a secret piece from Kitchen, despite the fact that the appearance was produced at his own request and affects the entire case on the espionage and theft of documents from Bárcenas.

Despite these protests, the magistrate of the National Court Manuel García Castellón has questioned Ríos this Wednesday in the framework of the secret room that he opened in October as a result of the search at his home in which mobile phones and documentation were intervened.

Ríos, who allegedly acted as a police informant in the alleged operation launched in 2013 by the Interior Ministry to spy on Bárcenas, asked testify again voluntarily after having changed lawyers.

He also did it days after the appearance also as defendants of the former Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz and the one who was his second, Francisco Martínez, whose discrepancies, which led them to face each other in a confrontation, lie in whether or not they spoke between themselves about the driver As shown by messages that, according to the former Secretary of the Interior, were exchanged with the former minister, who denies having known anything about this operation.

The ex-driver has arrived at the National Court well in advance (three quarters of an hour before) and, like other times he has come to testify, he has done so hidden behind a black motorcycle helmet to prevent the cameras from capturing his face.

At the exit, both he and his lawyer, Javier Vasallo, who also defends the former Madrid councilor Francisco Granados, have refused to make any type of assessment, taking into account that the piece in which he has declared is under secret.

This was the third time the driver had appeared, that the first time he was summoned, he availed himself of his right not to testify and the second time he did not provide any important details, which is believed to have been the case today as he asked to testify to defend himself and collaborate with the Justice.

This is how Villarejo’s lawyer understands it, who in the letter in which he requested the suspension of this statement, to which Efe has had access, indicated that the appearance “it will not be limited to a specific aspect of a possible secret sub-part that it could very exceptionally justify its practice without the intervention of the parties “.

And it is that he considers that, taking into account that the secret of the Kitchen piece, number 7, was raised last September, it is not possible to subtract the ex-driver’s statement “from the knowledge and intervention of the other partiesNot even if there is a secret sub-part, because we reiterate the questions and voluntary statements of the investigated will be general and not limited to a secret part of the investigation. ”

Since his first appearance, Ríos have been subject to precautionary measures, such as the prohibition of leaving Spain, the withdrawal of his passport and monthly appearances in court.

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