Saturday, April 13

Urban Meyer is unaware that Trayvon Martin’s photo was used in connection with the Ohio St.

While Urban Meyer was the coach of the Ohio State soccer team, a staff member used a photo of Trayvon Martin to expand on a team rule that players couldn’t wear hoodies in the soccer building, confirmed the Tuesday The Columbus Dispatch.

Martin, a black teenager from Florida, He was 17 when George Zimmerman fatally shot him in 2012.

News of Martin’s image emerged in recent tweets from ex Ohio State Defensive Back Marcus Williamson, who said he retired from soccer before the Buckeyes’ Rose Bowl game on Saturday. Williamson brought several painful allegations against the show, some of which were denied by former players and some supported. Many of his tweets referred to coaches, specifically Meyer.

Williamson tweeted: “My first team meeting. (2017 true story) This photo was presented to us via PowerPoint to institute our general rule of “no hoods” in the building. “

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