Monday, May 17

Ureña and Mechaal increase the Spanish harvest in the European Indoor Athletics Championships

The Alicante heptathlete climbs to the continental podium (silver) for the third consecutive edition

The Galician tripler wins silver with her last jump, one centimeter from gold

Mechaal snatches the bronze from Kadir in the final stretch of the 3,000, dominated by Jakob Ingebrigtsen

With five medals (one gold, two silver and two bronzes) Spain pays its participation in the European Athletics Indoor after adding three metals this Sunday in the last day in Torun (Poland). Jorge Urena, who defended the title, the silver medal in heptathlon. Few minutes later, Mechaal of nobility has finished third in the 3,000, after beating the Spanish record holder on the home straight, Mohamed Katir. The triplet Ana Peleteiro He has contributed the last metal to the Spanish booty with his last jump (14.52), which lifted him from fourth to second place, a single centimeter from the podium.

Only french Kevin mayer (6,392), world record holder in the decathlon, was able to surpass the Spaniard (6,158), who started the day in third position after four tests (7.03 in 60m hurdles, 7.33 in length, 14.57 in weight and 2.10 in height).

The threat of Wiesiolek

The one from Onil, which links three editions on the podium (gold in Glasgow-19 and silver in Belgrade-2017), consolidated the third medal this Sunday with his 7.87 in the 60-meter hurdles, and attacked the second on the pole thanks to the Zero by Swiss Simon Ehammer, who missed his first height (4.50). Ureña reached 4.90, but the Polish Pawel Wiesiolek he made the best jump of his life (5.20) and was only 25 points behind.

The 1,000 was going to be decisive, with two scarce seconds of margin on the Pole, but the Alicante stuck to him and crossed the goal in the same tenth (2.43.13 of Wiesiolek by 2.43.21 of Ureña) to hold on to the silver , the third metal that Spain added in Torun.

Ingebrigtsen’s unprecedented double

The fourth came from 3,000, where by mathematics it was almost guaranteed. Mechaal of nobility Y Mohamed Katir It was the two Spanish bullets in a race that had Jakob Ingebrigtsen as an absolute favorite to make a unprecedented double after winning on Friday at 1,500., even more after the loss of the local Marcin Lewandowski, who ended up playing the ‘milqui’.

The Norwegian did not fail and won with his personal best, 7: 48.20, ahead of the Belgian Isaac Kileli (7: 49.41) and Mechaal (7: 49.47) who in the last meters surpassed his compatriot, fourth despite appearing in Torun with the best European brand of the season. The young Katir (23 years old) tried to keep up with Ingebrigtsen when he threw the final blow, and although he entered second in the final stretch, he paid for the audacity by falling from the podium. Mechaal (30) added his second indoor metal in the test, after the gold achieved in Belgrade in 2017.

The whole podium in one centimeter

In the meantime, Ana Peleteiro He defended his 2019 gold in the pit in a triple jump contest in which he went from less to more. The Galician started with a 13.98 and two nulls that relegated her to seventh place. With the fourth (14.34) he rose to fourth place.

But it was in the last, adjusting to the extreme in the table, with which he tied the medal. Their 14.52, her best mark of the season, equaling the best jump of the German Neele eckhardt (the second best mark broke in favor of Peleteiro) and they were one centimeter behind the gold, which the Portuguese won Patricia Mamona (14.53).

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Tenth in the medal table

Spain leaves Poland in the tenth place of the medal table with a metal less than those achieved in Glasgow two years ago, and with the bitterness of of the ephemeral medals of Beatriz Pérez and Ignacio Fontes in the 1,500 races, in both cases due to the requalification of disqualified athletes. They were also fourth Asier Martinez in 60 meters hurdles and the aforementioned Katir in the 3,000. In total, 12 Spanish athletes have achieved a finalist position in Torun, compared to 13 in Glasgow.

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