Thursday, January 27

Uría and Latham & Watkins consider LaLiga Impulso legally irrefutable

The analysis of Uría and Latham & Watkins, whose reports on the ‘La Liga Impulso Project’ have been in the hands of the clubs for a long time, legally support the project promoted by the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas.

Both firms consider that all threats and accusations of law fraud They have no basis when considering the operation completely in accordance with the legal system and with the powers that LaLiga has legally and regulatory attributes.

An analysis that has the full consensus of both law firms and that differs considerably with the theses maintained by Real Madrid and seconded today by the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation in a new cross of accusations against the project.

In the new reply letter sent yesterday by LaLiga, the arguments of both law firms were collected, which legally support and “shield” La Liga Impulso from all its dimensions. “As the courts have repeatedly stated, the purpose of Royal Decree-Law 5/2015 is that the model of joint negotiation can be carried out and so that it can obtain the best possible performance of the rights of which the clubs are holders, which demands a wide margin of freedom of action from the organizer. That is precisely the objective of the LaLiga Impulso Project ”.

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The ‘La Liga Impulso Project’ is framed within the private sphere of self-organization of LaLiga and relies on the full capacity of LaLiga and the clubs to organize their economic relations. In relation to this point, from the employer’s association chaired by Javier Tebas reiterate that “the capital is sent to the clubs in the form of a participative loan regulated by article 20 of Royal Decree-Law 7/1996, of June 7, which provides that “participating loans in order of priority of credits will be placed after common creditors.”

Consequently, all clubs can take this participating loan without asking their common creditors for consent and the operation is immediately feasible and with full respect to the rules that govern LaLiga. “It is not, in any way, an exclusive project of La Liga. As is evident, this project will only be carried out if it is approved by the General Assembly by a large majority and will have the individual consent of each and every participating club. It is, in short, and how could it be otherwise, a joint project of La Liga and the clubs ”, they say from LaLiga.

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