Wednesday, December 1

US Division for the Future of Afghan Refugees

Joe Biden is between a rock and a hard place for the evacuation of the tens of thousands of afghans who collaborated with the United States military during the twenty-year war against the Taliban. A majority part of the political class demands that he fulfill his promise to the Afghans who helped them during all that time and make an effort to get them out of the country. But the massive shipment of Afghans to the US has logistical and political problems: the lack of foresight of the Biden Administration, surprised by the Taliban advance in recent weeks, makes it extremely difficult for Afghans to leave and a current of the Republican Party and his media allies is shown in

against the arrival of thousands of refugees.

A group of 55 senators Both parties sent Joe Biden a letter asking that the US “not break the promise to the Afghans who helped us operate for 20 years and who have our assistance.”

“US inaction will make them become refugees or clear targets of retaliation from the Taliban,” says the letter, led by Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and Republican Joni Ernst.

Granting of visas

Lawmakers demanded that the Biden Administration implement the changes approved by Congress to speed up the granting of visas to Afghan allies, a process that has been very slow due to the impact of the Covid pandemic and the State Department’s lack of preparation, with procedures that have taken forever despite the deterioration of the situation in Afghanistan.

Top Republican leaders are also in favor of assisting Afghans. “We have to take care of them, we owe it to them,” he said. Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican minority in the Senate. Several governors – among them, several republicans – have been in favor of receiving refugees in their territory.

Others are more combative with the idea of ​​welcoming former allies. Many of them are in the sphere of the former president Donald Trump, which has not yet clearly positioned itself on the matter, beyond saying that US citizens must be prioritized in the evacuation.

“We will see many refugees from Afghanistan settle in our country, and over the next decade that number will grow to a million. First we invade and now they are going to invade us, “said Tucker Carlson, the most-watched presenter on American television, who runs a late-night Fox News program highly influential for Republican voters.

A similar opinion was expressed by Stephen Miller, who designed much of his immigration policies for Trump. “Admitting refugees to the US is not about solving a humanitarian crisis, but about achieving an ideological goal: to change America,” he said on Fox News.

Biden’s statements on the evacuation of refugees reflect this tension. The US president assured in an interview broadcast on ABC News that he will keep US troops in Afghanistan until he removes all US citizens, beyond the August 31 deadline, if that were the case. necessary. However, it failed to make the same commitment for the Afghan allies, whose situation is much more complex.

For now, Biden is relying on allied countries not to send Afghan refugees to the US who have not yet passed the scrutiny to access their visa. Yesterday a contingent of 300 refugees was scheduled to arrive in Albania, who will be staying in student residences in Tirana. Other European countries seeking to make merit with Washington, such as Kosovo and North Macedonia, will also host thousands of refugees.

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