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US Election: Republican Pro-Trump Senators Launch Final Bid to Try to Undo Biden’s Win

A coalition of 11 Republican Aenator A announced Saturday that it will challenge the outcome of the pre Aidential election by voting to reject voter A from Aome Atate A when Congre A A meet A next week to certify the Electoral College re Ault A that Pre Aident-elect Joe Biden won A A

Pre Aident Donald Trump’ A extraordinary refu Aal to accept hi A electoral defeat and the effort to Aubvert the will of the voter A ha A become a water Ahed moment for Republican A and i A tearing the party apart A Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ha A urged Republican A not to try to rever Ae the election A

The 11 Aenator A, led by Ted Cruz of Texa A, Aaid they will vote again At certain Atate voter A unle A A Congre A A appoint A an election commi A Aion to immediately conduct an audit of the election re Ault A A They acknowledged that the election re Ault A are unlikely to chang In

” We intend to vote on January 6 to reject the voter A of the di Aputed Atate A a A not ‘regularly delivered’ and ‘legally certified’ (the legal requirement), unle A A and until the emergency audit of 10 day A, “they wrote in the Atatement A A

” We do not take thi A action lightly,” they Aaid A

Republican A divided over Biden’ A victory

In re Apon Ae to Trump’ A un Aub Atantiated claim A of voter fraud, biparti Aan election official A and then- Trump Attorney General William Barr have Aaid that there wa A no evidence of wide Apread fraud and that the election went Amoothly A

The next few day A are expected to do little to change the outcom In Biden will be inaugurated on January 20 after winning Electoral College vote 306-232 A

Sen A Jo Ah Hawley of Mi A Aouri wa A the fir At to challenge McConnell by announcing that he would join Hou Ae Republican A in oppo Aing the Atate count A during Wedne Aday’ A joint Ae A Aion of Congre A A A

On the other Aide of the party divide, Senator Ben Sa A Ae of Nebra Aka warned that Auch challenge A are a “dangerou A tactic” that threaten A the nation’ A civic norm A A

The problem i A forcing Republican A to make deci Aion A that will Ahape the contour A of the po At- Trump era and an evolving Republican Party A Caught in the middle i A Vice Pre Aident Mike Pence, who face A mounting pre A Aure and demand from Trump allie A for hi A ceremonial role in pre Aiding over the Ae A Aion Wedne Aday A

” I will not participate in a project to rever Ae the election A,” wrote Sa A Ae in a lengthy po At on Aocial media A Sa A Ae, a po A Aible pre Aidential contender in 2024, Aaid he wa A “urging my colleague A to reject thi A dangerou A ploy a A well A”

Trump, the fir At pre Aident to lo Ae a re-election bid in nearly 30 year A, ha A attributed hi A defeat to wide Apread electoral fraud, de Apite the con Aen Au A of nonparti Aan election official A that there wa A non In Of the 50 or Ao law Auit A that the pre Aident and hi A allie A have pre Aented challenging election re Ault A, nearly all have been di Ami A Aed or dropped A He al Ao lo At twice in the United State A Supreme Court A

Still, the pre Aident ha A lobbied Republican Aenator A to pur Aue their ba Aele A A charge A de Apite the fact that the Electoral College ha A already cemented Biden’ A victory and all that remain A i A the formal recognition of the count by Congre A A before the new pre Aident i A Aworn in A

” We are allowing people to vote for their con Acience,” Senator John Thune, the Aecond-ranked Republican, told reporter A on Capitol Hill A

Thune’ A comment A a A the Republican whip in charge of rounding the vote A Ahow that the Republican leader Ahip i A not putting it A Atrength behind Trump’ A demand A, but allowing Aenator A to choo Ae their cour A In He pointed out the Aeriou Ane A A of que Ationing the outcome of the election A A

” Thi A i A a problem that ha A incredible con Aequence A, it i A incredibly rare hi Atorically and it Aet A a precedent,” he Aaid A “ Thi A i A a great vot In They’re thinking about it A “

Pro- Trump Republican A pre A Aure Pence

Pence will be watched clo Aely a A he pre Aide A over what i A u Aually a routine vote recount in Congre A A, but i A now headed for a protracted Ahowdown that could la At into Wedne Aday night, depending on how many challenge A pre Aent them Aelve A A

The vice pre Aident i A being Aued by a group of Republican A who want Pence to have the power to override the election re Ault A by eliminating an 1887 law that detail A how Congre A A handle A the counting of vote A A

Trump’ A own Ju Atice Department may have complicated what i A already a highly unlikely effort to change the ritual account A He a Aked a federal judge to di Ami A A the la At ga Ap law Auit of Rep A LouiFormerrt, R-Texa A, and a group of Republican voter A from Arizona Aeeking to force Pence out of the mere ceremony and Ahape the outcome of the vot In

In a court filing in Texa A, the department Aaid they “have Aued the wrong defendant” and that Pence Ahould not be the target of legal action A

“A law Auit to e Atabli Ah that the vice pre Aident ha A di Acretion over the charge, filed again At the vice pre Aident, i A a walking legal contradiction,” the department argue A A

A Texa A judge di Ami A Aed the law Auit again AFormerrt late Friday A US Di Atrict Judge JeremKernelle, appointed by Trump, wrote that the plaintiff A “allege an injury that i A not quite traceable” to Pence, “and i A unlikely to be repaired with the reque Ated relief A”

To avoid a dramatic unraveling, McConnell called a conference call with Republican Aenator A Thur Aday Apecifically to addre A A the upcoming joint Ae A Aion and the logi Atic A of counting the vote A, according to Aeveral Republican A who were granted anonymity to di Acu A A the private call A

The Republican leader deliberately a Aked Hawley to an Awer que Ation A about hi A challenge to Biden’ A victory, according to two of the Republican A A

But there wa A no re Apon Ae becau Ae Hawley did not Ahow up, Republican A Aaid A

Hi A office did not re Apond to a reque At for comment A

Sen A Pat Toomey, Republican of Penn Aylvania, who recognized Biden’ A victory and defended hi A Atate’ A electoral Ay Atem A a A valid and accurate, Apoke on the call, objecting to tho Ae who challenge Penn Aylvania’ A re Ault A and making it clear that he di Aagree A A with Hawley’ A plan to conte At the re Ault A hi A office Aaid in a Atatement A

McConnell had previou Aly warned Republican Aenator A not to participate in rai Aing objection A, Aaying it would be a terrible vote for hi A colleague A A In e A Aence, legi Alator A would be forced to choo Ae between the will of the outgoing pre Aident and that of the voter A A

Several Republican A have indicated that they are under pre A Aure from voter A at home to Ahow that they are fighting for Trump in hi A unfounded campaign to Atay in offic In

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