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US elections, live results | Kamala Harris, First Vice President: “Don’t be the last”

Night out. The elections in the US have concluded after four days of fast-paced gathering. Joe Biden has defeated Donald Trump and has become president-elect, the oldest to reach the White House. From East Coast to West, America is a party. The defeated Trump, for his part, has not recognized the result of the elections, and his followers protest armed.

The new vice president, Kamala Harris, makes history: being the first female vice president of United States and also, African American of Asian origin.

9.14 Joe Biden vows to unite the US after defeating Donald Trump in the elections

Joe Biden has promised Saturday night to be a president who unites United States after four years of confrontation, celebrating what he considered “a convincing victory” over the president Donald Trump.

“I promise to be a president who does not seek to divide but to unite,” he said, exultant, during an open-air ceremony in his fiefdom in Wilmington, Delaware.

The veteran Democratic politician, who at 77 has defeated the 74-year-old Republican president after a campaign marked by polarization, has argued that “this is the time to heal” the country and has asked Americans to stop treating their opponents “as enemies”.

The choice of Biden to White House marks “a new day for United States“, has sealado on compaera de ticket, Kamala Harris, who will become the first vice president in the nation’s 244-year history.

“Not be the last,” said this 56-year-old lawyer, the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica e India, in a message of hope before a crowd of followers, including several excited women. Reports Afp.

8.41 Iran hopes with Biden “a change in destructive policies” of the US

Irn has expressed this Sunday his hope that the victory of the Democrat Joe Biden in the elections in the USA produce “a change in destructive policies” of United States and recalled that for four years “he has resisted” the pressure of the Administration of Donald Trump.

“We hope to see a change in the destructive policies of USA and a return to the law, international commitments and respect for nations “, he has written in his official account of Twitter the first vice president, Eshaq Yahanguir.

The person in charge has indicated that the end of the era of Trump and his belligerent team has arrived, whose policies – he added – were based on “the violation of international treaties, economic sanctions and inhumane against the nation of Iran and supporting terrorism. “

“The nation of Irn, which resists the policy of maximum pressure Trump, do not forget the suffering caused by the generalized interruption of their means of subsistence, the lack of access to medicines and the assassination of the beloved General (Qasem) Soleiman “, has asserted Yahanguir. Efe reports.

8.37 The EU will have to get used to living without US leadership

The victory Joe Biden in the elections in the USA allow the Unin Europea get back to United States as an ally, but you must assume that Washington not to be the gendarme of the world again nor the great protector of the OTAN, warn leaders and analysts.

We will have to “rebuild our alliance”, said the head of European diplomacy. Josep Borrell, summing up the situation in his congratulatory message.

Political and military misunderstanding in various parts of the world began with Barack Obama Y Joe Biden, when he was his vice president. Donald Trump He continued it but in a more brutal way, creating strong tensions with the EU.

Can Biden back up? Jean-Claude Juncker, former president of the European Commission, doubt it. “Joe Biden will not change the focus of Washington faced with international problems overnight, because it can’t, “he says.

In the case of a Republican majority in the Senate, la administrin de Joe Biden it will be like the “ugly duckling”, estimate Nathalie Tocci, director of International Affairs Institute. Informa Afp.

8.15 Benjamin Netanyahu congratulates Joe Biden on his victory in the US elections

Prime Minister Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, this Sunday congratulated the new president-elect of USA, the democrat Joe Biden, which this Saturday was imposed on the current president, the Republican Donald Trump, in the elections in the USA.

“Congratulations Joe Biden Y Kamala Harris“(new vice president-elect), declared the head of the Israeli Government through his account Twitter.

“Joe, we have had a long and warm personal relationship for almost 40 years, and I know you as a great friend of Israel,” he said. Netanyahu a Biden, and has looked forward to working with him and the newly elected vice president “to further strengthen the special alliance between USA e Israel“.

In another tweet, the Israeli president also thanked Trump “the friendship that he showed to the State of Israel” and to him personally in his mandate. Thanked you for recognizing Jerusaln as the capital of Israel, for its recognition of Goln Syrian occupied as Israeli territory, for “confronting Iran,” for promoting recent normalization agreements between Israel and Arab countries, and for “taking the US-Israel alliance to unprecedented heights.” Efe reports.

5.30 “Biden, see you in the courts”, shout the Cuban “Trumpistas” in Miami

“Biden, see you in court.” That is the unanimous cry of two hundred Cuban supporters of President Donald Trump who came out this Saturday to protest in Miami after learning that the US media already gave the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, the winner in last Tuesday’s elections.

The word “fraud” was undoubtedly one of the most repeated this afternoon in front of La Carreta restaurant, one of the emblematic places of celebration and protest of the Cuban community in Miami.

The spirit of the protesters was not one of frustration, anger, or anger, but rather one of tranquility, which gives the inner certainty that they are right, that justice is on their side and that the courts will see it that way.

“I’m fine, calm because I know the president won. It is a process in which the president is going to fight like the fighting cock that he is. He is going to take them to the courts, everything will be decided in the courts because the Democrats They have cheated and it is known because it is the only way they can get to the Presidency, “Ozzy Prez, vice president of the Latinos for Trump group, told EFE.

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