Monday, November 30

US Elections: Why Does Almost Everyone Votes With Pen and Paper in the Age of Smartphones?

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Even though we live in the digital age, the majority of voters in the US will use pencil and paper to choose their candidate.

Many of us use our computers and cell phones to bank and shop online. Why then do we not trust digital devices when voting?

This is what the BBC World Service’s Digital Planet radio program wondered in the context of the elections in the United States, where despite the advances of the digital age, most voters still use pencil and paper at the time to vote.

To analyze how safe is the technology used to vote in the US, the show’s hosts, engineer Gareth Mitchell and technology expert Bill Thompson, interviewed New York University professor Beatrice Atobatele.

Atobatele took an unusual measure to check the security of digital voting: bought a voting machine through the eBay online sales site.

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