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US intelligence helped Ukraine take down a dozen Russian generals


The Ukrainians have repeatedly claimed to have killed Russian generals on the battlefield since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine.

A member of the Ukrainian forces in eastern Ukraine.AFP
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US intelligence information provided to the Ukrainian military has led to the assassination of several Russian generals near the front lines, reports New York Timesciting unnamed sources within the US services.

Ukrainian officials have reported that they have killed approximately 12 generals since the start of the war in ukrainea number that has astonished military analysts.

The instruction is part of a classified management effort Biden to provide real-time battlefield intelligence to Ukraine. That intelligence also includes anticipated Russian troop movements gleaned from recent US assessments of Russia’s secret battle plan. moscow for the fighting in the Donbs region in the east of Ukraineofficials said. Officials declined to specify how many generals had died as a result of US aid.

The United States has focused on providing the location and other details about the Russian army’s mobile headquarters, which is frequently relocated. Ukrainian officials have combined such geographic information with their own intelligence, including intercepted communications alerting the Ukrainian military to the presence of senior Russian officers, to conduct artillery attacks and other attacks that have killed Russian officers.

US intelligence support for the Ukrainians has had a decisive effect on the battlefield, confirming the targets identified by the Ukrainian military and pointing them to new targets. The flow of processed intelligence on the movement of Russian troops that the United States has provided to Ukraine has few precedents, he says The New York Times.

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The US administration has tried to keep much of the battlefield information secret, fearing it would be seen as an escalation and provoke the president. Vladimir Putin to a larger war. US officials did not describe how they obtained information about the Russian troop headquarters, for fear of compromising their methods. But throughout the warUS intelligence agencies have used a variety of sources, including classified and commercial satellitesto track Russian troop movements.

Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin went so far as to say last month that “we want to see Russia weakened to the point where she can’t do the kinds of things she’s done by invading Ukraine“.

Asked about the intelligence being provided to the Ukrainians, John F. Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, said “we will not discuss the details of that information.” But he acknowledged that the United States provides “Ukraine information and intelligence that they can use to defend themselves.

Not all attacks have been carried out with US intelligence. An attack over the weekend at a location in eastern Ukraine where the general had traveled Valery Gerasimovthe highest-ranking uniformed officer of Russia, did not have the help of US intelligence, according to several US officials. The United States prohibits itself from providing intelligence on top Russian leaders, officials said. But US intelligence was instrumental in the deaths of other generals, the officials acknowledged.

US officials have publicly acknowledged that USA began to provide actionable intelligence to Ukraine in the run up to Russia’s invasion on February 24. Before the invasionFor example, US intelligence agencies have warned of an imminent attack on Hostomel airport north of kyiv. That allowed Ukraine strengthen your defenses.

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Although the information that the United States has provided to Ukraine has proven valuable, Russian generals have often been exposed to eavesdropping when talking on unsecured phones and radios, US military officials said.

Russian military tactics have also left high-ranking generals vulnerable. A centralized, top-down hierarchy of command grants decision-making authority only to the highest levels, as opposed to the more decentralized American structure that pushes many battlefield decisions down to senior enlisted personnel and junior officers, making it more difficult for them to make decisions. forcing Russian generals to make risky trips to the front lines to resolve logistical and operational problems.

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