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US responds to Russia’s concerns about Ukraine; Blinken trusts that there is an agreement

The governments of President Joe Biden and President Vladimir Putin maintain dialogue on Ukraine.


Russia expressed to the United States in writing its concerns about Ukraine and now The Government of President Joe Biden delivered its response and trusts that this will allow progress in the diplomatic negotiations.

This was indicated by the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, who did not give details of the content of the document, due to the security and diplomatic implications.

Secretary Blinken noted that this was part of his meeting last week with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

[El documento] sets out a serious diplomatic path to follow, in case Russia chooses it”, highlighted Blinken about the proposal delivered by the US ambassador. in that country, John Sullivan.

Blinken said the document includes the concerns of the Biden administration, as well as NATO allies “about Russia’s actions that undermine security.”

“We make it clear that there are basic principles that we are committed to upholding and upholding, including the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and the right of states to choose their own security arrangements and alliances,” the official said.

The way is also being opened to reassess the military maneuvers in Ukraine and in Europe.

“We addressed other areas where we see potential for progress, including missile-related arms control in EuropeBlinken said. “Our interest in a follow-up agreement to the New START treaty that covers all nuclear weapons.”

Blinken emphasized that the Biden Administration is open to dialogue and prefers diplomacy in this conflict.

The diplomatic measure occurs in parallel with the advance of military reinforcement in Ukraine by the US and NATO partners, as well as the economic plan of the Biden Administration that would prevent, among other things, exports of high-end equipment. Russian technology and a direct impact on its finances.

“Our responses were fully coordinated with Ukraine and our European allies and partners,” said Blinken, who explained that NATO will deliver its own proposal to the Government of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin.

The document sent to Moscow is known to the US Congress, in addition to the fact that Blinken would meet with the leaders of both chambers, according to what he said.

“We are not publishing the document because we believe that diplomacy has the best chance of succeeding if we provide space for confidential conversations,” he justified.

disinformation campaign

The US government also warns about a Russian disinformation campaign about the conflict.

Disinformation is one of the most important and far-reaching weapons for the Kremlin”, he asserted. “Russia has put into practice the concept of perpetual adversarial competition in the information environment by fostering the development of an ecosystem of disinformation and propaganda.”

He called the Kremlin’s strategy on justifying its political goals “evil.”

“The Kremlin creates and spreads disinformation in an attempt to confuse and overwhelm people about the real actions of Russia in Ukraine, Georgia and elsewhere in Europe,” the State Department says of a message from Secretary Blinken that has been released on several languages, including Russian.

One of the strategies, said Blinken, is to claim that it is Ukraine and not Russia that is to blame for the conflict.

“Russian intelligence services create, assign and influence websites purporting to be media outlets to spread lies and sow discord,” the Biden Administration states.

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