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US Senate votes to increase gun control


This is the first time in decades that the two major US parties have agreed to vote in favor of greater gun controls.

Rifles in a gun shop in the US.EFE

The Senate of USA has voted in favor of increasing control over firearms in the country, with a minimum agreement between democrats and republicans after the mass shootings in a supermarket in Buffalo (New York) and in a school in Uvalde (Texas).

This is the first time in decades that the two major US parties have agreed to vote in favor of greater gun controls, and after its approval in the Senate, now the bill will move to the House of Representativeswhere Democrats have a majority.

The measure went ahead with the support of all 50 Democratic senators and 15 Republican senators -including the Republican Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell –while 33 other Conservatives voted against.

The president of the USA, Joe Bidenissued a statement celebrating the fact that, “after 28 years without progress,” representatives of both parties managed to agree to “act” and give a political response to the relatives of the victims of the shootings of Uvalde Y buffalo.

Biden assured that the bill will help protect Americans and make schools and the community safer, and urged the House of Representatives to follow the steps of the Senate and pass the measure so it can become law.

The bill includes a review of the process of buying weapons for those under 21 years of ageand extends to the entire country the so-called laws of “danger alert” (“Red Flag”), which allow the activation of a legal procedure to confiscate the firearms of those who represent a danger to third parties or to themselves.

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In addition, the proposal also seeks to put an end to what is known as “the boyfriend void”, by which until now If someone is accused of domestic violence without being married, they are allowed to continue to own guns.something that does not happen in the case of married people.

Apart from slightly restricting access to weapons to certain people and under what circumstances, the agreement between democrats and republicans it also includes more funding for mental health resources and for beefing up school safety, two things gun advocates insist on every time there’s a media shooting in the US.

Just a few hours earlier this Thursday, the United States Supreme Court had issued a decision in which it extended the right to bear arms by endorsing that they can be carried in public.

In the first gun case it had heard in thirteen years, the conservative-majority high court ruled against a century-old New York state law that requires concealed weapons to be carried on the street.

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