Wednesday, November 30

US sports hold their breath over the pandemic

  • Chicago Bulls have postponed their NBA games, just like Calgary Flames in NHL and could happen to Cleveland Browns in NFL

  • The azulgrana Hayes and the madridistas Laso and Huertel, out in the Euroleague

Soccer is not the only sport that is suffering the ravages of the sixth wave of the covid. In the US, with soccer and baseball on vacation until February and March, the three other major leagues are trying to avoid the growing number of positives as well as they can: in the NFL 37 have been detected this week, the highest number this 2021, one more than those diagnosed in the first half of December in the NBA, while 25 NHL players are away from the ice rinks.

The outlook is not rosy in the NFL. The positives are concentrated in the Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions, Los Angeles Rams, Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants and Washington Football Team and Cleveland Browns. Commissioner Roger Goodell denies at the moment that Saturday’s game between the Browns and Las Vegas Raiders will be suspended despite the fact that Cleveland has a dozen players affected by the coronavirus protocol. “We are confident that with the changes and adaptations in our protocols we can carry out the game,” says Goodell. In the NFL, the vaccinated are tested on Mondays while the unvaccinated take daily tests. The Players Association (NFLPA) is pushing for everyone to be tested daily, regardless of the vaccination schedule.

140 this year on ice

In this sense, the NHL has already announced that they will tighten the restrictions to prevent the cases from continuing to grow: so far this season there have already been 140 players in covid protocol and today there are 25. The most alarming outbreak has been that of the Calgary Flames, with 27 isolated, seven of them players. At the moment he has already had to postpone four games, just like this week the fight between Minnesota Wild and Carolina Hurricanes was also postponed by four positives in the second set.

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NHL tests have already detected the first case of the Omicron variant, just as it has happened in the NBA. The team most affected by the covid on American basketball courts is the Chicago Bulls, with up to 10 players lost due to the pandemic. A plague that has led them to postpone this week’s games against the Detroit Pistons and the Toronto Raptors. The latter team prevailed in overtime on Wednesday to about Brooklyn networks that they could only eight players (the minimum set by the NBA to play a game). James Harden, one of the stars of the competition, is one of the seven casualties that accumulate in the Nets. Without counting to Kyre irving, which is still separated from the franchise due to its refusal to be vaccinated.

Giannis AntetokounmpoMVP of the last finals, he has also entered the list of casualties due to covid while the fear grows in the competition that the evolution of the pandemic could put the Christmas games at risk. Today there are a fortnight of franchises with some player isolated by covid.

Casualties in Barça and Madrid

In the Euroleague basketball, Barça and Madrid have suffered weight losses this week. On Tuesday the white team announced that Pablo Laso and Thomas Heurtel had given positive in a test carried out in the previous match against Alba Berlin, so they missed that match and also this Thursday against Armani Milan. Barça also could not count on Nigel Hayes today against Panathinaikos. The forward had been the MVP of the last match on the track of the Red Star, where he was congratulated by Nole djokovic, which remains to be revealed if he has been vaccinated.

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