Friday, September 22

US Supreme Court ruling

The decision of the Supreme Court of the United States of repeal the right to abortion in the country opened this saturday France the debate on the inclusion of the law on the voluntary interruption of pregnancy in the Constitution.

“The Government will strongly support this bill. For all the women, for the human rights, we must engrave this achievement in stone. Parliament must be able to rally around this text,” French Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne wrote on Twitter.

The head of the Government thus responded to the announcement that the head of the deputies of the party founded by Emmanuel Macron, Renaissance (ex The Republic on the March), Aurore Bergé, made on the France Inter antenna, hours after the controversial decision of the American court. “In France, we will guarantee and advance women’s rights. We’ll make them holy. My group will present a proposal for a constitutional law to protect access to abortion,” Bergé said on the station.

The proposal has also been praised by the Minister of Justice, Eric Dupont-Moretti, and other political forces at a time when the formation of the National Assembly, after the legislative elections last week, has left a panorama of strong political fragmentation in France.

The coalition of left-wing parties Nupes, which obtained 131 deputies in said elections, has published a statement requesting the presentation of a text by the group of groups in the National Assembly that wish to protect “this fundamental right by inscribing it in the Constitution.”

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In 2019, left-wing groups presented a bill to introduce the right to abortion in the Constitution, but at that time lThe deputies of the macronista party rejected it considering that the law already protected him with sufficient guarantees.

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This would be a significant measure at a time when it is feared that the decline in women’s rights in the United States may have a contagion effect to other countries. It would also symbolize a gesture of union and parliamentarism in the face of the current fear of an unstable France that is difficult to govern due to the lack of clear political majorities.

For the measure to enter the Constitution, the National Assembly and the Senate must adopt the text and then Congress, in an extraordinary meeting of deputies and senators, must vote on it by a three-fifths majority.

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