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Useful ‘Apps’ and Websites to Travel the World During a Summer of Pandemic Crisis | Technology

Planning a trip during a pandemic can be a real challenge. With the global health crisis unleashed by the coronavirus, it is essential to know the restrictions imposed in each part of the world. The first thing to consider is whether you can enter the country and, in that case, whether it is necessary to have the EU digital covid certificate or a covid-19 test. It is also advisable to know if it is necessary to do quarantine, if the masks are mandatory or if the tourist monuments and other establishments remain open. There are several applications and websites that can be useful to obtain all this information and travel around the planet.

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Detailed information for traveling in Europe

Re-open EU offers information on what are the rules to enter each country of the European Union. For example, if you need the EU digital covid certificate or a negative PCR or antigen test. Available in both web and app formats (can be downloaded at la Play Store and in the App Store), Re-Open UE includes the national measures and restrictions in force in each country: from whether the use of a mask is required in public places or maintaining physical distance to the quarantine requirements, whether it is possible to move freely within the country itself and if there is any app contact tracing. It also informs about limitations when meeting with other people and in places of worship and other establishments.

This website also provides a general description of the health situation in each European country, based on data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The goal is, according to its creators, that any traveler can “plan their trip through Europe, while staying safe and healthy.” The information is updated on a regular basis and is available in 24 languages.

Interactive maps with information about the whole world

For those who want to leave the European Union, A map updated by the International Air Transport Association may be helpful (THERE IT IS) showing coronavirus restrictions around the world. At a general glance you can see which countries are not restrictive when traveling during the pandemic, which are partially and which are totally.

Clicking on each country provides specific information about the restrictions. For example, if flights are suspended, if they are limited to certain citizens or if a negative covid-19 diagnostic test is needed to enter. This map also contains information related to the flights themselves: if the passengers have to fill in a form in relation to the health situation or if the airline crew has to do self-isolation until the next journey.

Another similar map is that of Covid Controls, developed by the GreatEscape portal. Although it is quite similar to that of the International Air Transport AssociationIn this case, the traveler can indicate in a tab whether or not he is vaccinated to know which countries he can enter. In addition, when clicking on any country, several statistics and graphs appear on the daily new cases of covid-19, the number of people vaccinated against this disease and the percentage of the population that has received at least one dose of the vaccine. It also indicates if shops, bars, restaurants or tourist attractions remain open, if it is mandatory to wear a mask or quarantine or if a negative covid-19 test is needed to enter the country.

Sanitary and security measures at airports

The app Check & Fly, available at App Store and in the Play Store and developed by the International Airports Council, it serves to know the response of airports to the global crisis unleashed by the coronavirus. It is enough to type the name of a specific airport to obtain information on whether, for example, it is mandatory to maintain physical distance inside, wear a mask or carry a covid-19 diagnostic test. It also indicates if there are devices to wash and disinfect hands, if there are technologies for non-contact boarding (for example, through facial recognition) or if special measures are taken to disinfect areas such as bathrooms or common areas.

Contact tracing tools

In Spain Radar Covid has been the application promoted by the Government to detect possible infections by coronavirus. As of February 2021 this app It only registered less than 2% of the positive cases of covid-19. These figures contrast with those of other countries, such as the United Kingdom. Some studies indicate that its application there has prevented between 300,000 and 600,000 cases and between 4,000 and 8,000 deaths.

Countries around the world have developed their own tracking applications. In South Korea the authorities share with the citizens the trace of the infected and there are applications such as Corona Map O Corona 100m that show the location of infected people. In Singapore the app TraceTogether it tries to locate possible sources of contagion and warn citizens if they have been in contact with an infected person. In China the app Suishenban generates colored QR codes to identify whether a user may be infected because they have been in areas with a high infection rate. Although in Spain the Radar Covid application has not been a success, when traveling abroad it may be a good option to look at what apps contact tracing is in each destination and if they are also available to travelers.

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