Thursday, December 8

USWNT reaches landmark deal with US Soccer to ensure equal pay as men

This was a big win for US women’s soccer players. For all US women.

The new collective bargaining agreement that will pay US Women’s National Team players the same as the US men, including an equal split of World Cup prize money, sends a loud and clear message that the days of short changing women are over. Whether you are a lawyer, a teacher, a factory worker or a World Cup winning soccer player, you have the same value as any man, and should be treated accordingly.

“What we’ve done is a landmark in progress (toward) gender equity. We set a new standard of value for women in the workforce,” USWNT forward Midge Purce said Wednesday. “I don’t know when or how or where this will unfold or what it will trigger next. But I do think it will inspire a lot of individuals and groups to push further.”

That was always the point.

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