Monday, January 18

Vaccination against the covid of health workers begins in Elche

First vaccinations of health workers at the Hospital del Vinalopó, in Elche

First vaccinations of health workers at the Hospital del Vinalopó, in Elche

The hospitals of Elche have begun the vaccination of health personnel today, a measure that has been advanced since it was planned to start this process at the end of the month. The fear that the number of health workers will increase has been one of the reasons that has led the Ministry of Health to act in this way. In the Hospital del Vinalopó they explain that the vaccine is scheduled to be administered to both healthcare and non-healthcare professionals from all hospital services, Prioritizing those areas such as emergencies, FIA, hospitalization and Primary Care, which work on the front line against COVID. To do this, the auditorium has been set up with several vaccination points with all security measures in order to streamline the protocol.

On Saturday morning, it will be the healthcare professionals from the rest of the Vinalopó hospital services, as well as non-healthcare personnel and outsourced services, who will come to the hospital to receive the first dose of the vaccine. In Primary Care, professionals will receive the vaccine in their own health centers to avoid transfers.

The first vaccinated at the Altabix health center information

As it is the Pfizer vaccine, the vaccination protocol includes a second dose at 21 days. The administration is indicated for all professionals who develop their professional work in the health field, being contraindicated only in the case of pregnant women or people planning a pregnancy or with breastfeeding, as well as in professionals who are in isolation due to close contact or due to positive in Covid19.

“Ribera, following the indications of the health authorities, has made an effort to vaccinate the largest number of professionals as soon as possible so it has designed an agile and safe vaccination plan. The protection of our professionals is vital to be able to continue providing a quality health care for our population, “says Dr. Rafael Carrasco, Manager of the Vinalopó Health Department.” We hope to be able to vaccinate all professionals in the department, except those who present contraindications. We need to be protected to be able to attend and to be prepared for this third wave that is coming ”, he added.


ASFEME (Association of Relatives of People with Serious Mental Illness of the province of Alicante), has carried out today with the presence of heads of the Directorate of Primary Care of the Department of Health D’Elx-General Hospital the vaccination against Covid-19 to all the users of the Residential Center and all its workers.

“It is a very special and important day for our group, since it allows us to advance in the achievement of immunity to combat this pandemic disease that we currently suffer. Thanks to the commitment of the Directorate of ASFEME, to the involvement of the professional team and above all to the great patience and exemplary behavior of our users, our centers have been free of Covid since the beginning of the pandemic, “he explained in a note.

A photo provided by ASFEME of today’s vaccination in Elche information

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