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Vaccination in Spain: Pedro Sánchez celebrates the “collective success” of having vaccinated 70% of the population and sets the next goal of achieving 90% | Society

The good data, economic and vaccination, converge in a very favorable beginning of the course for the Government if it were not for the records of the electricity bill. Pedro Sánchez has claimed this Thursday the immunization strategy against the coronavirus, which after the uncertainty with which it began at the end of last year, has achieved a cruising speed within the reach of few countries. “Congratulations to Spain because we have achieved 70% and we are now going for 90%,” the President of the Government celebrated at a ceremony in Guadalajara attended by Araceli Hidalgo. With her began, on December 27, the national vaccination process. Eight months later, with more than 66 million doses supplied – the best vaccination campaign so far was one for the flu, with 14 million punctures in eight weeks – it has exceeded 70% of vaccinated with complete protection that La Moncloa received. had targeted. “These are not figures. They are lives that we save. The Welfare State has to come out of this crisis more strengthened. One of the reflections that the pandemic leaves us with is the need to have a strong State that protects us against emergencies such as the health of the covid, ”Sánchez stressed. The sources of the Executive consulted do not set a deadline to reach the new bar of 90%, which is very difficult to achieve since those under 12 years of age, for whom there is still no vaccine, represent 11% of the population.

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With 33.4 million people with complete immunization (70.3%) and 36.5 million with one dose (77%), Spain this Wednesday exceeded the percentage that was estimated until before the appearance and spread of the delta variant that would guarantee group immunity. The mutation of the covid has not allowed it and has raised the original bar to levels close to 90%, according to the conclusion of a multitude of experts. To get close to this percentage, the 4% of the elderly population who are reluctant to be vaccinated for various reasons must be convinced. Araceli Hidalgo has encouraged them to “not be afraid” and to get vaccinated: “From the first moment I was calm, it was necessary to get the vaccine”. “If I had to get a third dose I would do it as with the first,” he has sentenced. The Public Health Commission will evaluate the measure next week, aimed only at immunosuppressed people.

Along the same lines as Araceli Hidalgo, Carmen Carbonell, the nurse who gave her the first dose in Spain, at 9:05 a.m. on December 27 at the Los Olmos residence in Guadalajara, has also made an appeal to the undecided and laggards: “No be afraid, the effects are minimal compared to the benefits that vaccines give. I invite you to come to your vaccination center, we are at your disposal ”, he encouraged. “With Araceli, the most intense and extensive vaccination campaign in the history of our country began. It was a story of collective improvement, a vaccination strategy based on equity, on social justice, based on age and vulnerability, not on the size of the pocket, ”Sánchez stressed in turn. “That puncture brought health and hope. Goal accomplished. Reached. It is a success for everyone, especially for citizens who do not see the vaccine as a right but as a duty ”, highlighted the president, who stressed how a year ago the world“ walked in the dark. The vaccine was a wish, not a reality. The scientists calculated that there would not be a remedy in four or five years at least, and with an effectiveness of between 50 and 60% ”.

From the left, Mónica Tapia, a worker at the residence;  Araceli Hidalgo, the first person to be vaccinated in Spain, and Carmen Carbonell, the nurse who gave Araceli the first dose.
From the left, Mónica Tapia, a worker at the residence; Araceli Hidalgo, the first person to be vaccinated in Spain, and Carmen Carbonell, the nurse who gave Araceli the first dose.Nacho Izquierdo

The vaccination rate in Spain is one of the highest in the world, as claimed throughout the event that was held at the San José de Guadalajara sports center. Among the attendees were the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, and the President of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García-Page. The complex houses the centralized vaccination service, which has served more than half of the city’s 85,000 residents. With 47 million inhabitants, no country with a similar or higher population stands out for the cruising speed achieved. The most similar case is that of Canada, with 37 million inhabitants, which is several points lower. Countries like the United States or Israel, which started vaccinating earlier, have been stagnant for months without significant progress. “Spain leads the vaccination of the 20 most important economies in the world. In our country, where we do not recognize the merits, this vaccination is a lesson from the best of patriotisms ”, the president has remarked in an implicit allusion to the PP and its strategy of total confrontation.

Criticisms of the opposition

The opposition does not recognize the good data and reproaches the Government that the objective has been reached two weeks late. Sánchez ventured on May 10 that Spain was “100 days away from achieving group immunity.” On August 18 the deadline was met with 30.2 million vaccinated with the complete schedule (63.8%), slowed down by the slower speed caused by the summer holidays. The leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, came to say at the beginning of the year that 70% would be reached, according to the initial vaccination rate, “in four years.” Sánchez has appealed to the “value of unity.” “If something shows this collective success, what we have shown as a country to the world as a whole, is that when Spanish society unites there is no one to stop us,” he emphasized. “We have earned the right to be optimistic. It is a case of collective self-esteem, nobody forced to set this target of 70% ”, García-Page has observed. The socialist baron has emphasized that the reaction to the crisis “has been the opposite of the cuts.” “This recovery will be faster because there has been a response,” he concluded after giving as an example that in the Great Recession that began in 2008, which coincided in part with the stage of María Dolores de Cospedal (PP) as regional president, the Board went so far as to “suppress even the children’s heel tests.”

While vaccination continues, the incidence of the coronavirus was, according to the latest Health data, 221.76 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. Since July 27, when the fifth wave peaked (701.92), it has dropped 480 points. Vaccines have prevented the hospital system from collapsing as in previous waves: the more than 6,600 hospitalized for coronavirus are equivalent to 5.64% of occupied beds, of which 1,518 are in intensive care (16.63%). The ICU with the worst situation are those of Catalonia (31.27%) and Madrid (28.52%). The official list of deaths is 84,472, of which 4,489 have occurred since June. “Today the lethality is between 0.1-0.3%,” Sánchez stressed.

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