Tuesday, October 19

Vaccination of 18,136 people over 90 years old begins in health centers


The vaccination of more than 18,000 people over 90 years of age starts in the health centers of Alicante

The first independent over 90 years old, as if to move on their own feet to their corresponding health center, began to be vaccinated yesterday in outpatient clinics belonging to the General Hospitals of Alicante, Elche, Elda and Vinalopó.

There are 18,136 people over 90 registered in the province, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics, who will receive the first dose of Pfizer in the coming weeks, provided they are not among the highest risk groups that are already being covered in the Residences and day centers.

The appointments that have begun to take place from the health centers represent a “huge relief” in many of the cases, as highlighted by one of those who yesterday approached the Babel health center in Alicante, among the first twenty mentioned in this ambulatory. “I was very happy when they told me,” he adds.

Other health centers dependent on the health area coordinated by the General Hospital of Alicante, such as Los Angeles, Campoamor and Ciudad Jardín, were also the first to vaccinate independent seniors; as well as those of Pinoso, Elda and Villena, which in turn coordinates the General Hospital of Elda.

Vaccination of 18,136 people over 90 years old begins in health centers

As of this morning, vaccination for people over 90 is generalized throughout the province and, as also agreed yesterday by the national commission of Public Health, and the autonomous communities with the Ministry of Health moved and approved in the afternoon, They will be followed by age groups and according to the availability of vaccines those over 80 years of age, who exceed 82,000 people in the province.

All of them, as well as those over 70 below, and those over 56 as the last of these age groups, will receive the corresponding call from their health center and the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, since at the moment Health does not have Sufficient scientific evidence that the AstraZeneca vaccine is effective beyond 55 years of age.

Day centers

The Alcoy Health Department, for its part, has begun to vaccinate day center users and it is planned to continue with those over 90 years of age shortly.

In the regions of l’Alcoià, El Comtat and La Foia de Castalla there are 1,414 people over the age of 90 to receive the dose in this phase, but for now the health area only has 42% of them, according to health sources. People belonging to this group who cannot be vaccinated this week, “will have to wait for the next one.”

One of the centers for the elderly that has begun to vaccinate is Benicadell-Muro. Both users and workers have been given the first dose and have shown their “joy”, as it is “an important day”, as they have expressed through social networks.

Family members of dependents demand not to be excluded from immunization

The Valencian Coordinator of Platforms criticizes the “deficiencies in the strategy” of the Ministry

The Coordinator of the Platforms in Defense of the Law of Dependence of the Country Valencià has made public a statement with which it wants to denounce the “deficiencies in the vaccination strategy published by the Ministry, where caregivers have not been taken into account in the family environment that are irreplaceable for the care of their dependent relatives, “he assures.

The strategy only includes the vaccine for professional caregivers, while caregivers who are in charge of a dependent family member “have been excluded from the vaccination order,” they explain. For the group, this is “without a doubt it is an alarming decision, since dependent people who are cared for by a relative would be left helpless and would die unattended at home in the event of being infected” by covid-19.

For the platform, “it is an atrocious decision to distinguish for their vaccination only those caregivers who charge as such, obviating the need to provide protection to these non-professional caregivers on whom the care of their relative depends exclusively.” For these reasons, they demand that vaccination also reach family caregivers, “because their role is irreplaceable and essential.”


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