Saturday, October 16

Vaccination plan against COVID-19 advances in New York City with first responders and firefighters

The vaccination plan against COVID-19, what started several days ago in the Big Apple, continues to advance and since Wednesday the lifeguards of the New York EMS, considered essential workers in the first line of risk, since started receiving immunization, as part of the first phase. For their part, firefighters will begin the immunization process next Tuesday, December 29, as part of the Stage 2 vaccination in New York City.

After attending the first vaccinations of the City Fire Department (FDNY), he fire commissioner Daniel A. Nigro, was very hopeful that soon the city could be in a better place with respect to the outbreak of the coronavirus that so far has already left a total of 357,749 infections, 20,081 confirmed deaths and 4,761 probable deaths related to the COVID.

The vaccine for members of the FDNY, one of the agencies hardest hit by the outbreak, arrives just after learning that 12 of its workers have died from the coronavirus and that 5,800 have been infected since the pandemic began.

“This is a great day for the FDNY. Science has responded to the call for help from our Department and all front-line healthcare workers, and has produced a vaccine to combat this deadly disease, ”said Nigro. “I highly recommend to all our members get the COVID-19 vaccine offered through the Department to protect themselves, their colleagues, and their loved ones.

The Commissioner stressed that it is also vital that first responders and firefighters get vaccinated, in order to ensure that the FDNY continues to protect and care for the city. So far it is estimated that only 60% of its members plan to be vaccinated, since there is no mandatory mandate, and a total of 3,000 already have an appointment to do so.

They will vaccinate 450 daily

The Fire Department noted that they have the capacity to vaccinate up to 450 members per day at three locations.

“Vaccines (from Moderna) are not mandatory, but are highly recommended. It is recommended that even those who had COVID-19 and recovered, or those who have antibodies, still receive the vaccine to prevent reinfection “, mentioned the FDNYC, warning that 28 days after having given the first dose it is necessary to get the second

Mary Merced, who has been working as an EMS first responder for 27 years, was one of the first workers to get the vaccine on Wednesday, and took the opportunity to call on New Yorkers to follow in her footsteps, when the time comes on the line.

“It is very important to me, and my family and my grandchildren. It is an important component to get vaccinated. People are in fear and doubts, but it is important, I hope that everyone, including the public and my family, gets vaccinated, ”said the Latino lifeguard.

Also, your colleague Edwin mendez, who has also been working as a lifeguard for 28 years, said that one of the great motivations for getting vaccinated is to continue serving his community.

“Thanks to Health Department for being one of the first to get this vaccine. I hope that many of my co-workers will follow this, because the most important thing is to keep working and stay healthy, ”added the Hispanic.

On the other hand, it was announced that NYPD members They will soon be in the group of workers qualified to get the COVID vaccine.

This was revealed by the New York Police Department Commissioner Dermot Shea, who addressed the issue.

“It will not be mandatory, it will be similar to what we do with the flu vaccine,” said the official. “We anticipate that our first delivery (of vaccines), as I said, is not in the first round, but it will be in late December or early January.”

Shea explained that the uniformed and civilians del NYPD They will also receive informative videos where all the doubts regarding immunization will be explained, and he stressed that the process will be complex.

“We are in the logistics process with the Health Department to find out how many will be in the first group. We understand that it will be a two injection process. We are an agency of 54,000, 55,00 (people) and it takes a lot of logistics about who will put it on, how they will put it on and inform them about the safety of the vaccine, “concluded the NYPD chief.

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