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Vaccination sites fill up despite bad weather hunting for the third dose




Mass vaccination centers have reopened. In communities like Galicia, they did it last Friday and they were filled, images that were repeated yesterday in Expocoruña, the fairgrounds of the Herculean city. An average of 4,600 people are passing through this Galician pavilion, summoned between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. In Madrid, on the other hand, they have opened today November 22 and the images of the WiZink Center attracted powerfully attention due to several factors: nobody expected an avalanche of people at the doors again to receive the third puncture. People who were patiently keeping their turn have had to wait up to 90 minutes.

With a clearly unpleasant day, chronically ill, people with disabilities and population at risk and over 70 years

they braved the rain and heeded the call for the souvenir dose. In the queue, many people expressed fear that they would not be vaccinated for the upcoming Christmas holidays. “We want to share Christmas with our loved ones and that last year’s Christmas is not repeated,” he said. Julia before the television cameras that crowded together because of the ‘unexpected’ of these third huge queues in recent months. Some nurses and emergency personnel who were in the old Sports Palace showed his strangeness by the flood of personable people. In La Coruña, one of the supervisors of the 25 open points in this fairground, agreed to that fact. I said yesterday that with the lessons learned, this time the process was extremely agile and that people want to receive the vaccine and remain calm in the face of fears of a sixth wave. “They want to finish as soon as possible,” he resolved yesterday Cristina.

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In Andalusia the scenes were repeated, in this case, with the population over 60 years of age to whom the Board has decided to administer that third injection. More than 768,000 Andalusians have already received it, said the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre; meanwhile, returning to Galicia, his counterpart and Minister of Health of the Xunta, Julio García Comesaña, visited last Friday the exhibition hall of the administrative building of the Xunta in Pontevedra in its premiere as a new mass vaccination center against Covid-19, since the fairground has been reserved until now for other activities. There, Comesaña assured that all the effort is now focused on “trying to vaccinate” 6% of unimmunized citizens in Galicia, while the group or age group from 70 to 79 years old, who are the ones mentioned for the booster dose, go quickly. Some 291,400 Galicians are called to this dose.

Janssen’s Second

People who receive the third dose will coincide with the call to get vaccinated from the monodose de Janssen(and in your case it will be the second puncture), which in all Spain is close to about two million people. In Madrid, where there are more than 234,000 people who must be vaccinated for the second time with the Janssen serum, since last Saturday they have received an SMS summons at one of the two possible mass vaccination points: the Nurse Isabel Zendal hospital and WiZink himself .

In total and according to the data published in the latest vaccination report from the Ministry of Health, 3.6 million Spaniards have already received the third or additional dose: 3,174 million from Pfizer and 436,879 from Moderna.

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