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Vaccine health in nursing homes on Three Kings Day and Saturday to try to alleviate the delay

Diego Romero, the first vaccinated in a nursing home in Elche, yesterday.  |  INFORMATION

Diego Romero, the first vaccinated in a nursing home in Elche, yesterday. | INFORMATION

The Ministry of Health has decided to continue vaccinating this Wednesday, Three Kings Day and Thursday in nursing homes to reverse the slowness and lack of continuity that the vaccination process against covid-19 is suffering in the province. The first doses of the antidote manufactured by Pfizer began to be supplied on Sunday, December 27. But until last Monday, eight days later, only one in six nursing homes, 50 out of 327 in the entire Valencian Community, had completed the first phase of immunization among residents and workers.

The reasons for such delay are due to the four-day stoppage that occurred during the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s holidays and the weekend that followed this year. But it was not the only reason. The delays of the multinational pharmaceutical company in the manufacture and distribution of doses, as well as the need to store twice as many vaccines for each person undergoing treatment, has led the health authorities to slow down vaccination to store new shipments according to sources. Health. In this way, it seeks to guarantee the availability of the second doses that will begin to be injected to residents and professionals of nursing homes from January 21. In addition, within the difficulties that have arisen in logistics, according to the same sources, the need to have freezers with sufficient capacity to store vaccines at -80 degrees Celsius has also influenced.

The directors of some nursing homes in the province have also pointed to the lack of health personnel as another possible reason for the delay. In fact, there are no nurses available on job boards. However, this point has beeDelenied by the Ministry since it is the nurses from the different centers for the elderly who are in charge of giving the injections under the supervision of Public Health professionals. The work of the latter is therefore limited to preparing the serum mixture and providing the appropriate doses. They only assume the whole process in nursing homes that do not have health personnel.

Another issue that has been a drag on the first week of vaccination is the geographic dispersion of many of the residences chosen for the first phase. The decision of health officials to distribute the immunization period according to the scale from lowest to the highest incidence of the coronavirus has had a lot to do with this aspect. Hence, the centers where infections have not been registered have been the first and those that maintain active outbreaks have been left until last.

Among the measures adopted yesterday by the Ministry of Health is to keep the vaccination process active throughout the entire day today -festivity of the Three Kings- and tomorrow Saturday. In principle, it is planned that Sunday will rest but it is not ruled out that the order is revoked and it is decided to continue with the campaign. Health has promised to cover senior centers in a week. On Monday or next Tuesday the first phase should have been completed in all nursing homes in the Valencian Community. It is the commitment made by President Ximo Puig and by the Minister Ana Barceló.


Among the centers vaccinated in recent days are the BenidormPMD, LaSal etaa de Calpe and the Provincial Home of the Provincial Council in Alicante; Desamparados de Llíria, Camp de Turia de Benaguasil and Oliva Third Age in Valencia; and Hogar VirgeDelel Lidón in Castellón. Yesterday, within the province of Alicante, it was the turn of the neighboring municipalities of Elche and Aspe. Vaccination in this last population implies starting the process in MeMinamotolopó. A region where the virus has had a special incidence. Especially in the residences for the elderly in EPeteretDonovannóvaNovellaovelda.

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