Monday, June 27

Vaccines against covid-19: why you can get it even if you are already inoculated

  • Guillermo López Lluch
  • The Conversation*

Illustration of People Lining Up for Vaccine

Image source, Getty Images


A recent study indicates that even with mild symptoms, those reinfected can be a source of spread of the virus.

As the number of people vaccinated increases, the feeling of freedom grows and we relax. Some governments already establish measures to give carte blanche to the mobility of vaccinated people without limitations. But are we sure that mobility can be opened without having achieved group immunity?

Vaccination, like contagion, immunizes the affected person, who, generally, will not suffer symptoms or these will be mild in future reinfections. But that does not mean that the virus will go away. It can even spread again.

The key is in the activity of the immune system and the proliferation capacity of the virus in these people.

A trained immune system clears the virus before it can cause serious damage to the body.

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