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Vaccines: an injection of reality | Opinion

Army personnel apply the vaccine against covid-19, in Ensenada, Baja California.
Army personnel apply the vaccine against covid-19, in Ensenada, Baja California.Alejandro Zepeda / EFE

On December 24, the first vaccines against covid-19 were imposed in Mexico. Just six months after that moment, and after millions of Mexicans, much more deserving than a server, had first received their injection (either because they work in the front lines of the pandemic; because they are more vulnerable, due to their age or her conditions, or because she wanted the institutional power that came before them, which is also a compelling reason), my time has come for the first dose. I expected the worst of the process and I must admit that the best came out. I celebrate it.

The confusion, the piles, the false alarms, the epic waits of the first days are over. Although they have not been completely eradicated, because we Mexicans are experts at making balls, the truth is that from the capital and many states every morning reports of more orderly than chaotic vaccination days and more efficient than disastrous arrive. This, it seems to me, is due to the self-denial of the medical and support staff, since, in general, a collective action that is repeated for weeks and weeks tends to get better and better organized each time. Thus, I recognize that, both because of the work of the federal institutions and those of my State, the first dose of my particular vaccination was a pleasant, agile and successful episode. Like, it seems to me, it should have been everyone’s from the beginning. And as I wish that of those millions of people who are still waiting their turn turns out.

That we are going to get vaccinated and that our appointment is respected, and that we leave the module in a few minutes and whole, it sounds like something from another world. And this happens, I fear, because our expectations of attention from the authorities are usually very low. So much so that, in the first weeks of the campaign, in which the endless lines were forced and made those who should have suffered least, which were the elderly, suffer, several government officials were synchronized to sing praise and praise to the ranks, the sunny days and the deprivations, to show us once again that power is not wrong even when it is wrong and that bothering about experiencing discomfort and even mistreatment was a matter for conservatives and not for well-born Mexicans. But the hours standing and in the sun were, of course, cruelty and a product of callousness and ineptitude. The best proof of this is that months ago they opted for a more rational and careful model, which, with some reservations and setbacks, has been imposed.

Mexicans are too used to any kind of procedure or request for service being a way of the cross and public medical care is, perhaps, one of the worst items in that regard. We swim in a sea of ​​horror stories regarding the IMSS, the ISSSTE, the INSABI (that almost ghostly entity) and the municipal and state services. So receiving the vaccine in a climate of order and speed seems almost a miracle. Except that…

Only not everything is so rosy. The supply continues to be irregular and access to immunization for a substantial part of Mexicans has yet to be guaranteed. And, as if that were not enough, the doubts about the Cansino vaccine, which was applied to teachers and educators throughout the country, have not been dispelled in the categorical way that is required. That the doubts are the fault of media scaremongering and political controversies? Well then the need to go out and tackle the rumors at the highest level becomes clearer. Perhaps it could be left for a while, in the presidential wheels, the jilted criticism of the middle class that did not vote for Morena, for example, and spread truthful and important information for once.

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