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Valencia, Alicante and Elche cancel the New Year’s Eve parties due to the lack of control of the coronavirus




The advance of the coronavirus in the Valencian Community a just one week of the Christmas holidays has forced different municipalities to take action on the matter with restrictions in the form of event cancellations multitudinous. It is the case of New Years Eve, a holiday that serves to say goodbye to the year in which crowds of thousands of people are usually produced in central squares of the main cities of the region.

[Listado de las ciudades de la Comunidad Valenciana con mayor riesgo de transmisión del coronavirus]

Despite the fact that the roadmap of the Generalitat Valenciana does not contemplate for the moment the reimplantation of time and capacity limitations, different consistories have decided to cancel some of the night parties planned for the bells and the end of the year due to the notable increase in infections and hospital pressure due to Covid-19

. This worrying health situation a few days after Christmas has even caused the convocation of all the regional presidents next week by the Government of Spain to analyze the situation and “share decisions.”

For the second year in a row, the Plaza del Valencia City Council It will be closed to the public on December 31st, with the aim of preventing citizens from going to this emblematic place of the city to drink the grapes. “People should enjoy New Year’s Eve at home or with friends but complying with the rules,” explained the Councilor for Citizen Protection, Aarón Cano.

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Likewise, the municipal government led by Joan Ribó also decided to suspend the traditional race of San SilvestreAlthough the New Year’s Eve for children is scheduled to take place at twelve noon. Five days later, the Kings Parade in a smaller format, without seats for the public and with fewer participating floats.

Alicante and Elche suspend the New Year’s Eve party

Along the same lines, in the face of the sustained and widespread growth of coronavirus infections, the City Council of Alicante has seconded the cancellation of the New Year’s Eve party that is usually held in the town hall square.

However, on the same day there will be a children’s scenography show with reduced capacity and in compliance with all current sanitary measures. «Prudence and caution» were the words of the Alicante government team to argue the cancellation of the New Year’s Eve night party, at the same time that they appealed to the “responsibility” of citizens and visitors during the Christmas season.

In parallel, the City Council of Elche also decided to cancel the San Silvestre Ilicitana and New Year’s Eve events to avoid the risk of possible contagion at events “with high crowds of people.” For this reason, Plaça de Baix will remain without activity during the night of December 31st.

Near extreme risk of spread

According to the latest data published by the Conselleria de Sanidad Universal y Salud Pública, these three cities of the Valencian Community present a cumulative incidence close to the threshold that marks the extreme or very high risk of virus transmission.

In the case of Valencia stands at 494 positives per one hundred thousand inhabitants in the last fourteen days, while Elche presents 429 cases and Alicante 416.

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