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Valencia puts an end to the cupbearer dream of Atlético Baleares

The Valencia put an end to the dream Athletic Balearic Islands on the Copa del Rey al win 0-1 with an early goal from the Brazilian Marcos André, in a game that was very difficult from the start for the revelation team of the tournament after eliminating Getafe and Celta.

With an eleven of circumstances by many casualties, the valencianistas faced the game warned that any hint of relaxation would pay dearly.

André’s goal was decisive and helped Valencia set the coordinates for the match.

The rival, from the First RFEF and a sensation of the tournament butler, had shown what he was capable of in previous qualifiers, but he soon found himself with the score against him and paid dearly for it.

The Valencianists, big favorites in the tie, were forced to be the ones to lead the party. It was like that in the first few minutes, boosted by a goal from Brazilian Marcos André as soon as the match began.

An image of Atlético Baleares-Valencia. EFE

He sent the team Jose Bordalás against an opponent well entrenched behind, but excessively nervous.

The team that had the ball and created danger; The Blue and Whites tried to stick to what they know how to do best: high pressure, a lot of mobility from their players and always on the lookout for counterattacks. Although without success.

The Balearics, with the sensible loss of Manel Martínez, author of the two goals against Celta, He also lost Canario very soon (min. 26) due to physical problems.

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Getafe and Celta fell at the Balearic Stadium. But Valencia, as Xavi Calm, coach of the Balearic Islands, already declared, had been warned and did not give many options. Virtually none. The first and only dangerous arrival in the Valencia area in the first half was Dioni’s shot that went wide.

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the remarkable category difference became more evident as the minutes passed. The physique, the technique and the football proposal belonged to the visitors against an enthusiastic rival who redoubled their efforts driven by the tireless encouragement of their fans.

After the break, the game was where the Valencian team wanted. The Balearic Islands did not hurt him and the only thing that could worry José Bordalás’ eleven was the narrowness of the scoreboard.

The 1-0 was a meager advantage and that is how the visitors understood it, who sought to sentence the tie on the fast track, against an opponent who did not hesitate to seek a tie and force extra time.

Valencia went from more to less in the second half. His goal was to secure a pass to the quarterfinals as soon as possible, but he hesitated between securing the advantage or scoring the second goal.

The Blue and Whites took advantage of this circumstance to advance their lines and, in several phases of the final stretch, he created chances, such as the one for the Brazilian Vinicius Tanque, who was just barely late to finish off a ball from the penalty spot.

The game had a thrilling ending. The Balearic Islands, with the public overturned, launched a furious attack, even asking for a maximum penalty for Pastrana’s fall against Diakhaby, but Valencia stood firm to sign, not without difficulty, their pass to the quarterfinals final of the Copa del Rey.

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0 – Atletico Baleares: Xavi Ginard; Luca Ferrone, Orfila (José Fran, min. 64), Josep Jaume, Ignasi (Rodríguez, min. 64); Canario, Armando, Cordero; Petcoff, Vinicius (Pastrana, min. 76), Dioni.

1 – Valencia: Domenech; Christian Mosquera, Omar Alderete, Diakhaby, Gayá (Lato, min. 77); Hugo Guillamón (Guerra Moreno, min. 89), Racic (Foulquier, min. 63), Koba; Yunus Musah, Hugo Duro, Marcos André (Guedes, min. 64).

Goals: 1-0, min. 1: Marcos André.

Referee: Pablo González Fuertes (Asturian Committee). He showed yellow cards to Ferrone (min. 57), Dioni, min. 85) of the Balearic Islands; Hugo Guillamón (min. 54), Racic (min. 55), Musah, (min. 93), from Valencia.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey played at the Balearic Stadium in front of some 4,000 spectators, 200 of them Valencia supporters.

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