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Valeria Gómez Villaescusa, from Baver-Els Antigons, new Bellea Infantil

Valeria Gómez Villaescusa ALEX DOMÍNGUEZ

The 3,000 people who came to the Plaza de Toros to enjoy the show wrapped up the minors on a night in which the desire of foguerers and barraquers to be able to participate again in festive events was noticed after the suspension of the Bonfires in 2020 and 2021 for the pandemic.

Valeria Gomez, fond of skating and ballet, and lover of drawing, will be accompanied during the exercise of her title by six girls who the jury chose as its ladies also unanimously. The lucky ones are Cloe Alenda Calero, from the La Marina bonfire; Macarena Peláez García, from Calvo Sotelo; Andrea López Zaragoza, from Carolinas Altas; Valeria Albero Espinosa, from the City of Assisi; Sonia Illana Mas, from the Carolines Baixes campfire; and Mar Solla Ribelles, from Nou Alipark. They begin a festive reign that, like that of their predecessors, will be long since they will live some atypical Bonfires of 2021 without plantà but with various acts throughout the days prior to the festival of Sant Joan and will be the representatives of the Bonfires of 2022 if the pandemic allows it.

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Bellea del Foc infantil and her ladies

On their first day, they will attend a presentation event with a photo session at the Gran Vía Shopping Center and at night they will sit in the box of the Plaza de Toros (9:30 p.m.) to attend the “Gent de la Festa” festival, from which the new Bellea del Foc d’Alacant and her bridesmaids will come out, positions to which a total of 79 candidates aspire.

Valeria Gómez replaces Bellea Infantil Noelia Vinal, who has been in office for two years because of the stoppage of festive acts required by the health situation. The children’s representative of the Bonfires of 2019 delivered an emotional speech constantly interrupted by a feeling that put the public on their feet. The assistants did not hesitate to encourage her when the tears flowed. It was emotional as well as original, as he recounted his experience at the Bonfires based on different board games, “which make you grow and develop your personality.” «Two years later the foguerers and barraquers return to the charge, with illusion and joy in abundance. How lucky to be with you again“, He said, before thanking parents, brothers and grandparents who have supported them, them and their ladies, for the effort and sacrifice, and wishing their successors the enjoyment of every moment” without blinking. ”

After the farewell to the court in 2019, the flags of the districts paraded in representation of all the bonfire commissions of Alicante in a very audiovisual show with a tribute included to the Alicante wedding dress on the 60th anniversary since it became mandatory, and with it the indisputable sign of the Fogueres costume. In the box were the mayor, Luis Barcala, the deputy mayor Mari Carmen Sánchez and the mayor of Fiestas, Manuel Jiménez, along with his counterpart from Valencia, Carlos Galiana. The rest of the Corporation was located at another point in the Plaza de Toros according to the anticovid protocol as the box was a small space.

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Election Gala of the Bellea del Foc for children

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