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Valverde, Ion and Gorka Izagirre, Fraile and Herrada, the Spanish team for the Games

Alejandro Valverde, as the undisputed leader of the ranks, the brothers Ion and Gorka Izagirre, Omar friar and the Cuenca Jesus Herrada is the quintet chosen by the national cycling coach Pascual Momparler to represent Spain in the road event of the Tokyo Olympics.

Valverde will be the axis of the national team, the trick to try to contest the Olympic title, although the Spanish coach has selected runners who can break away and, where appropriate, be able to opt for victory.

“I have chosen a team to go 1,000 percent with Valverde, cyclists who would kill for Valverde and that their legs are not going to shakeI know if they have to dispute at any given time, “Momparler said.

According to the national coach, the team’s idea is to “cover Alejandro Valverde, but con runners who know how to define in the event that a leak arrives, and that they can also endure the 200-kilometer race without problems ”

In the Spanish quintet does not appear Pello Bilbao, currently in the top 10 of the Tour de France, and Gorka Izagirre does appear, the only one summoned who does not run the French event.

“Gorka is the only runner capable of admiring Alejandro Valverde at the same time of pressuring him and forcing him to do things that Alejandro himself in the race at a given moment does not feel like doing,” he explained.

Momparler assured that he awaits the Olympic appointment with some nervousness, but without fear.

“It is normal for him to be somewhat nervous because it is a great challenge for an athlete and a coach. Whoever is not nervous about an Olympiad is that he does not feel the Olympic spirit, he does not know where he is going and he does not know the repercussion it has.”

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Regarding the leader of the Spanish team, Alejandro Valverde, Momparler assured that he has nothing to object to the participation of the Murcian in the Tour de France. “If Alejandro has a good time, he will give us the best. He is 41 years old and he is on the Tour because he likes it, he is passionate about this sport, he has a good time and if he has fun he will give us his best. ”

The Spanish coach has observed that Valverde “is letting himself go a lot of days to try to play a stage, with which he is having less wear and tear than other years.”

Although the Spanish asset is Valverde, Momparler does not rule out that another Spanish runner has his options. For this, the Spanish team must be present at all leaks. “The team is going to have Alejandro Valverde in mind all day, but they are runners who know how to arrive on a breakaway, know how to define and know how to seek the goal of the medal.

I will not bring people who are not trained and qualified to win. I do not want to take anyone who does not know how to define a flight. It is something that we are going to have learned a lot in case Alejandro is too late and we have to gamble with whoever is in front “.

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