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Valverde Lillo de Mérida street will open completely in a few days and only resident cars will be able to pass

Pedestrians in Valverde Lillo street. / Today

Users of garages in restricted areas must request authorization from the Town Hall

Antonio Gilgado

In a few days the work of Valverde Lillo ends. The workers finish off the pavement at the height of the new María Luisa and soon the access fences will be removed at the Torre de Mérida roundabout.

Valverde Lillo has been opening in sections for pedestrians from the Plaza de España since December and the last fences are about to go up. And as soon there will be no access limitation for vehicles, the Local Police recalls that the new Valverde Lillo will function as a single platform for pedestrian preference. Not any car will be able to enter. Only residents and loading and unloading. The general road traffic connection with the Plaza de España that existed before the works is lost. “It becomes a unique platform for pedestrian preference,” insists Marco Antonio Guijarro, the Local Police delegate.

These restricted areas will affect residents with and without a ford in Camilo José Cela, Travesía de Cervantes, Delgado Valencia, Cervantes, Archbishop Mausona, Félix Valverde Lillo, the section of San Francisco between Félix Valverde Lillo and Santa Eulalia, the section of Moreno de Vargas between Félix Valverde Lillo and Santa Eulalia. And finally to the residents of Juan Pablo Forner.

Guijarro explains that for road access to these streets, an authorization must be requested from the City Council (registry instance or Electronic Headquarters). In the application they must present personal data and the vehicle’s circulation permit with address in one of the affected streets. If you have rented or transferred a parking space in these areas, you will have to attach the documentation that proves it.

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Authorizations without a ford may access for loading and unloading operations for a maximum time of 15 minutes from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. exclusively in the area designated and marked for the loading and unloading of residents without a ford.

Authorizations, both with a ford and without a ford, up to the confluence of Camilo José Cela and Arzobispo Mausona streets, as well as the parking lot on Cervantes street and Hotel Cervantes, will have to go out towards Arzobispo Mausona street and Almendralejo street.

The Town Hall makes it clear that cars cannot park on the street even if they have resident authorization. Cars will enter and exit the garages, they will not park under the gates.

For those who enter to load and unload, the hours will be from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. and only in designated and marked areas. Interested parties must register a duly completed application (important contact telephone numbers), accompanied by a copy of the IAE certificate, vehicle circulation permit and two photographs, one frontal and one lateral, where the requesting company is identified. In no case can it exceed 3.5t or 12 meters in length, having to request special permission to do so.

Marco Antonio Guijarro explains that the new single platform is conceived as an accessible environment for all pedestrians. The pedestrian gains prominence and preference and the car loses it. By restricting traffic, he explains, environments of coexistence are generated.

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