Wednesday, December 8

Vanessa Claudio is rained down by severe criticism in her new program: they call her arrogant and arrogant

Of “haughty” they do not lower it. Vanessa Claudio he’s not going through his prime, at least from the point of view of the viewers of his new show “The power of love”, production that is recorded in Turkey. The former Suelta La Sopa panelist is being heavily criticized for the way she addresses participants. They assure that it is being very “Haughty” and even called “arrogant.”

It seems that the attitude or the way of being of Vanessa Claudio does not have very happy some followers of this program. Discontent has reached such a degree that there are messages like this against him: “This presenter falls ill, how she always comes out all angry and how all ordinary talks to them. He talks to me like that and I go back to my country ”.

It seems that something that does not like about Vanessa’s development in the show is that for some she takes sides and is not impartial when it comes to addressing the participants. In addition, they assure that a lot shouts: “You do not serve as a moderator of a program, you have to be impartial and you were not with Don Day.” More than one follower is attacking the Puerto Rican for how she took sides against Don Day: “Terrible driver and how she treats Don Day, the videos have already come out of when he leaves … What do you think?”

All of the above have been exposed in this particular video, where Vanessa Claudio announces the program through its Instagram account.

The general complaint is the lack of impartiality on the part of the former host of Venga La Alegría. “This hostess is boring; a shrill tone of voice ”. All this has generated that in addition to the above they come to call her a “despot”. “Terrible driver. He is a despot person, they should put a much more enthusiastic person with a better vibe, they should have done a better casting for this position “. They also insist that he feels a greater preference for Mexico: “It is not impartial, the preference he has for Mexico is noticeable.”

Some of the comments correspond to this publication of August 14.

A week ago the production shared this video and there are still the opinions against Vanessa Claudio: “I don’t like the presenter. It does not “flow.” He cuts a lot… Sometimes his facial expressions are from, I’m somewhere else ”.

And they continue: “When I watch the program, the animator’s actions with some participants make me uncomfortable. He is not a person who is biased. He does not know how to stop problems with empathy and only allows some to express themselves without giving others a chance ”. They claim that it gives the impression that Vanessa already dislikes certain participants and that for this she is not impartial.

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