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Vaping: The Thousands of UNKNOWN CHEMICALS Johns Hopkins University Discovered in E-cigarettes

Vaping is a habit that has become popular with teenagers. Electronic cigarettes of different flavors and aromas are widely traded on the market. However, these productss contain thousands of unknown chemicals that Johns Hopkins University discovered in a recent study.

Using specialized technologies such as liquid chromatography analysis, high-resolution mass spectrometry, and chemical fingerprint techniques for the characterization of liquids and aerosols, the researchers found that e-cigarettes contain unidentified chemicals and substances that manufacturers do not mention.

These unknown chemicals are present both in flavored liquids in cigarette cartridges and in aerosols. that are emitted when vaping, and could have unknown effects on the health of consumers. Much previous research has focused on identifying known dangerous chemicals that are also found in traditional cigarettes, but this Johns Hopkins review focused on unknown chemicals.

The brands analyzed were Mi-Salt, Vuse, Juul and Blu. it is not possible to identify the 2,000 substances found in themIt is also not possible to anticipate with certainty the effects that they may have on health, but it is important that its consumers, especially young people, know what they are exposed to when they vape.

Lipids in inhalable aerosols have been associated with severe respiratory effects, and lipid-like compounds were observed in the aerosols and e-liquids analyzed. Six potentially dangerous additives and contaminants, including the industrial chemical tributylphosphine oxide and the stimulant caffeine, were identified and quantified in the e-cigarette liquids and aerosols tested, ”explains research published in Chemical Research in Toxicology.

This means that e-cigarettes are not necessarily healthier than traditional ones, as the marketing industry has tried to show consumers. The teacher Carsten Prasse, lead author of the study, noted that “people just need to know that they are inhaling a very complex mixture of chemicals when they vape. AND for many of these compounds we have no idea what they actually are”.

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I have a problem with the way vaping is marketed as healthier than cigarette smoking. In my opinion, we are just not at the point where we can really say that, ”he concluded.

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