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For those who say that power is far from the people, soccer has just brought them an example that refutes this thesis. Let’s see, soccer and its fans feel that VAR has taken humanity and rhythm away from soccer. There is a conviction that technology has not eliminated errors or controversies, indeed, it would be said that they have become more sophisticated including engineers who were never interested in this sport but who are enormously capable of defining an exact line between fragments of a video image.

Well, when all this is in the discussions, there is one of those who say they own football, there are those who say that they are the owner of the monopoly, although I have not reached those business depths to tell them my opinion of whether they are right, or In other words, UEFA goes and VAR is applied in one of its most followed draws such as the one for the eighth of the Champions League: throw the line in the form of balls and club names, check if there is something punishable and from the VAR room of In the draws, it is decided that the play / draw has not been valid and must be repeated. And as in any good VAR decision, there are those who feel harmed because that line did not concern them or they were not already participating in the game when the penalized action occurred.

And it seems that the software of the draw has been responsible for the entire show, plus perhaps some human error. Wow, which is the same as in the field every weekend, a part of technology and another spoonful of humanity. So that later they say that the higher authorities do not know what is happening in the street or, even worse, they are not able to put themselves in the shoes of those who are on the street and solve everything with technology, algorithms and surveys.

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I can already tell you that I have had the privilege of participating in one of these raffles and you always have a feeling that something is going to go wrong: a ball that is badly opened, another that falls and rolls across the stage, a misread name and that it does not correspond to what is written on the paper. But what would never have occurred to me is that the balls in the cup are not what they should be. And if one takes out a paranoid vein, one can come to think that this situation could have occurred other times but that we have not found out because the names that were opened were good, although the balls might not correspond to what they should be. I suppose that if something like this had happened, surely UEFA has the appropriate mechanisms to detect it, it would have let us know with the same humility shown when accepting Monday’s error.

The fact is that the draw has left us difficult rivals and wonderful matches to enjoy football, the game and the players. And look if the balls of the draw were crazy that Barça, which for once was going to the second draw, the Europa League, was sent to Naples, a Champions rival but in the other tournament. That is a true tribute to Maradona and not the party skirmish held on Tuesday in Saudi Arabia.

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