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Vara affirms that the motion of censure is the solution to the institutional crisis in Alburquerque

Manuel Gutiérrez (IPAL) will be mayor, and Juan Carlos Prieto (PSOE) will act as first deputy mayor. / TODAY

The Diputación de Badajoz promises to help the new local government team

The president of the Board and general secretary of the PSOE of Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, considered this Tuesday that the motion of censure presented at the Alburquerque City Council is the “way out of the institutional crisis” of the municipality.

As announced on Monday, the local party IPAL and the PSOE have decided to present a motion of censure to evict Marisa Murillo from power due to the economic and institutional bankruptcy of the population. Manuel Gutiérrez (IPAL) will be mayor, and Juan Carlos Prieto (PSOE) will act as first deputy mayor.

According to Vara, “the councilors have decided in the exercise of their responsibility to present a motion of censure, which is something that is contemplated in the laws and that from the point of view of the factual reality is the way out that has been proposed for the crisis institution that the city is experiencing at the moment,” he asserted, according to Europa Press.

For its part, the Diputación de Badajoz will make itself available to the new municipal corporation that will emerge in Alburquerque to “help you with everything you need when the motion of censure goes ahead.”

This was stated by the first vice president of the provincial institution, Ricardo Cabezas.

«The Mayor’s Office is not recovered by the PSOE. It is the IPAL in collaboration with the socialists that have now registered the motion of censure, which in the municipalities is constructive, it is positive, it will go ahead because if not they cannot present it. And when it goes ahead we will make ourselves (the Badajoz Provincial Council) available to the new corporation to help them with everything they need, “Heads said at a press conference in Mérida.

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Meanwhile, Gutiérrez and Prieto appeared before the press to explain the details of the announced motion of censure that will lead to the extraordinary plenary session on May 10.

In his speech, Prieto reviewed from the time he entered the government team of the still mayor until his departure from it after showing his support for municipal workers in their demands.

He added that they had not presented the motion before, waiting for the government team to undertake the plenary agreements. But after verifying that these had not been fulfilled, they decided to use this legal tool, after carefully studying it with a law firm.

None will be released

He added that none of the seven mayors of the government team will be released and that each one will continue to live from their work.

The PSOE will have the departments of Social Services and Citizen Participation (Noelia Pavón) and Barrens, tourism and companies, with Jesús Martin.

As soon as they arrive at the government, they will order an audit of accounts to have a real picture of the municipal coffers and the true scope of the municipal debt. With it they will be able to know the real objectives that can be marked. They will carry out an economic and financial viability plan with the different administrations in order to establish a payment and deferral plan for the debt with Social Security and the different administrations.

Payment plan

One of the important points will be to approve a payment plan with all municipal employees who are owed payroll.

Juan Carlos Prieto recognizes that the situation they face, bankruptcy left by the current government team, is extremely difficult, so they will need the collaboration of the entire town.

Manuel Gutiérrez, spokesman for IPAL, and the next Mayor of Alburquerque, began by saying that this agreement will be transcendental for the future of Alburquerque. A decision that has not been easy at all due to the difficulty involved in taking over the reins of a City Council in ruins, but which was being demanded by the majority of the residents of the town.

Gutiérrez said that the motion of censure is the only option left to them after verifying that the government team did not resign despite running out of councilors, in a minority, and continuing to block the solution to the problems, a blockade that extends to many administrations with which this City Council has all the doors closed due to its terrible management.

A motion that they will face with firm decision and courage for the good of all the people.

A motion of censure that also comes as a result of the inaction of the Mayor who refuses to govern the City Council.

Gutiérrez pointed out that they are not going to bring miracle recipes to solve the great problem that this government has generated, but at least they are going to stop the bleeding caused by the disastrous management of 25 years of the Vadillista government.

Municipal elections

Their intention is to start a transition that will last only one year, until the next municipal elections, assuming the wear and tear that this will cause them but with no intention of perpetuating themselves in government. “We are not going to work to win the next elections, our only task will be for Alburquerque to move forward” and for this they have formed this team, without political ideals, but with the desire to work for the people. And all this while being aware of the limited room for maneuver and economics.

Its working model will be based on several fundamental principles, respect for democracy, for the law, transparency and information for all citizens.

“I am going to be lucky enough to lead a work team that has never been seen in Alburquerque,” ​​said Gutiérrez, who announced that municipal management will no longer be personal, as it had been until now with Ángel Vadillo, and will be team management without personalism. , with an important role for municipal officials and employees who will be taken into account for everything.

IPAL and PSOE will make an educational effort in the population to show that union is strength, a union that they want to transfer to the rest of the citizenry.

Gutiérrez said that he hopes that citizens are aware that this new government team will have to be in court as a result of the hundreds of lawsuits filed against the current government, in addition to the number of trips they will have to make to Madrid, Mérida or Badajoz to manage with all the administrations the aid required by the City Council’s bankruptcy situation.


Gutierrez said that they will be based on principles of good governance, efficiency, austerity, impartiality and responsibility.

After finishing the press conference, Gutiérrez and Prieto posed next to Luis Paniagua, spokesperson for the PP of Alburquerque as a sign of harmony and collaboration between all the political formations of Alburquerque with the aim of solving the problems of the population.

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