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Vara: “It is unheard of for Andalusia to go after foreign companies”

Guillermo Fernández Vara in a file image. / TODAY

The president of the Junta de Extremadura, Guillermo Fernández Vara, has cataloged this Friday as “unheard of the magic recipe” of Andalusia, which he described as those who have the most to stop paying, in times when the population is scared. This has been stated by Vara in Trujillo about the controversy generated by the elimination of the Wealth Tax in the Andalusian community.

The Extremaduran president has insisted that his Andalusian counterpart, Juanma Moreno, has said it clearly. “He has appealed to another autonomous community to say: ‘I’m going for you’ and I’m going for your companies.”

Vara assures that “no community had ever said to another in such a clear and distinct way: ‘hey, I’m going to make you a takeover bid for businessmen'”.

Vara considers that “probably what the right wing in Andalusia and Spain is looking for with this type of action is, without a doubt, to collect votes.” He added that they forget what the unity of the country means, that there are no confrontations, that there is no guerrilla war, and all that when the elections are approaching, they forget and throw down the middle street ».

«That this costs more rupture within Spain? They don’t care, they do it and whoever comes after I drove… I find it intolerable, “he concluded.

Regarding the tax on large fortunes announced by the Government, Fernández Vara defended that in difficult and hard times like the current ones “more must be demanded of those who have more capabilities.”

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“We are going to see what is left of what is currently being talked about, what is finally left. What is certain is that in such a complicated situation things have to be done.

At this point, he has defended that “it cannot be that the consequence of the difficult and hard times that a war produces or provokes will be paid by those who have the least”, and has considered that it is a paradox and something unheard of that this week ” the Government of Andalusia has made it appear to public opinion that in times of population frightened by everything that is happening, the magic recipe is for those who have the most to stop paying. It seems absolutely unheard of », he insisted.

“That is why we are going to wait to see what line the Government is going in, which I think is going in the right line,” he has influenced questions from the media during his attendance this Friday at various cultural events in Trujillo (Cáceres ).

tax war

On the other hand, the president of the Board has also said that he does not believe that Extremadura could be harmed by the ‘tax war’ opened by PP communities, because “we are an autonomous community that makes a great fiscal effort and that is probably why no one can ever reproach us for the fact that nothing we claim or demand is due to any other reason than justice».

«When the time has come to contribute, I already say that we make an enormous fiscal effort, one of the most in this country… For this reason we are also the ones who demand the most when the moment of truth arrives, and given the financing models autonomous we receive what corresponds to us”, he defended.


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