Saturday, June 3

Veïns Alert denounces robberies in pomegranate plantations

As a result of this wave of robberies, an emergency meeting has been held in which the Cambayas cooperative, exporting companies, agricultural unions, the Local Police and the Elche government team have participated, represented by the Security Councilors, Ramón Abad , Pedanías, Vicente Alberola, and Medio Rural, Felip Sànchez. The meeting took place at the Cambayas facilities after technicians from the cooperative itself contacted the Veïns Alert platform to report that they have detected an increase in the theft of grenades of the mollar variety from Elche since the start of the current harvesting campaign, which will continue throughout this month.

Most of these thefts are taking place at night, mainly in the plantations that are located south of the Vereda de Sendres, with vans that carry between 500 and 1,500 kilos. In some cultivation plots, it accounts for 70% of the total production. These are badly collected grenades, with “tails” or “jerks”, easy to recognize at the points of sale. Exporters suspect that, through the black market, they are being distributed both nationally and internationally, with the significant problem that this criminal practice poses.


In the meeting held, it was agreed that the exporters of the Protected Designation of Origin of Granada Mollar de Elche join the Veïns Alert platform, as well as the request that a police operation be launched during the collection campaign of this fruit and other early varieties. The collective of residents at Camp d’Elx wants to raise awareness among producers of the importance of filing reports of thefts with the Local Police and, for this, they will be provided with a form.

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Another agreement reached involves a proposal so that, once grenade thefts have been committed, during the following two or three days, all the markets in the province of Alicante and Murcia are inspected by agents of the Local Police, Police National and Civil Guard. In fact, it is planned that in the next few days the Local Police will carry out inspections in all the greengrocers of the municipality of Elche. It is also expected that controls will continue to be carried out coordinated by the security forces at different strategic points of the Camp d’Elx and that an annual calendar for harvesting crops and a mapping of those that are most representative will be drawn up.

In parallel to this, the mayor of Elche, Carlos González, has informed the Veïns Alert platform of the immediate creation of the Rural Surveillance Unit of the Local Police, whose start-up is scheduled for this month of October. The creation of this specific unit has been possible thanks to the incorporation of 34 new agents.

«We are convinced that this work, together with that already being carried out by the National Police and the Civil Guard, in addition to the essential citizen collaboration, will serve to improve security in the districts, “said González himself during the meeting he held with the members of the platform.

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