Tuesday, August 9

Venezuela: How Venezuela’s Socialist Economy Became a “Warehouse Capitalism”

  • Daniel Pardo, BBC World
  • Special envoy to Caracas

Modo, Caracas

Modo is a one-of-a-kind establishment. A luxurious food court that may well be a nightclub.

Whenever you go to Venezuela you ask people there if they need anything.

So when less than a month ago I asked Rada, my driver and Venezuelan adoptive father, what he wanted, he told me that a chocolate.

I brought him his favorite: a Hershey’s of cookies ‘n’ creme, a product that he met on his trips to Margarita Island, back in the 90s, when he was earning enough as a courier to go on vacation to one of the Venezuelan paradises.

Already in Caracas, however, I realized that my question could have been anachronistic: the famous American chocolate bar is easily available.


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