Wednesday, November 30

Venezuelan-Iranian plane in Argentina: threats and photos of weapons on the pilot’s mobile

For four months now, a plane of Venezuelan-Iranian origin has been held at the Ezeiza international airport in the city of Buenos Aires for suspicious activities. In all this time, episodes have occurred that seem like science fiction. This week, justice has found alarming images on the aircraft pilot’s mobile. After seizing the phone of the pilot Gholamreza Ghasemi who, according to the FBI, would have some link with terrorist organizations, worrying photos and information have come to light this week. The investigation advances in Argentina. Weapons and threats This Tuesday a dialogue was revealed through a chat that the pilot of the suspicious aircraft kept on his phone. According to the Argentine justice investigation, a former crew member of the controversial plane would have sent a message asking the pilot if everything was fine, to which he responded with a resounding “no.” Immediately afterwards, the ex-crew member told him: «If they bother, let us know and we’ll kill them all (…) we commit genocide» . This dialogue would have occurred last June, shortly before justice took their mobile phones from the crew members of the boat. Related News standard No Argentina releases most of the passengers on the Venezuelan-Iranian Guadalupe Piñeiro Michel plane More than 5,000 chat pages of those involved, according to the local media outlet Infobae. But, in addition to the conversations, images have also been found that have set off alarms in the investigation. Specifically, on the plane’s pilot’s cell phone there are photos of weapons and missiles, as well as references to the Revolutionary Guard. There are also images of soldiers with weapons in hand. FBI report Given the seriousness of the situation, and the scope of events at the international level -which involves Argentina, Mexico, Iran, Brazil, Uruguay and the US, among other countries-, the FBI is also participating in the investigation in progress. According to the Argentine media Infobae, an FBI report, which was added to the file last June, refers specifically to the pilot. There it says that Ghasemi would be CEO and member of the Board of Directors of Fars Air Qeshm, an Iranian airline that had been sanctioned in the past by the United States. The document also mentions that “Fars Air Qeshm operates cargo flights under civilian cover for the Quds Force and the IRGC, and uses them to smuggle weapons and sensitive equipment from Iran to Syria, among other things. This activity is part of Iran’s efforts to establish a military presence around the world.” It should be noted that last September the Argentine justice system made the decision to release some members of the aircraft’s crew. However, others of them -including the pilot of the plane- are still in Buenos Aires, waiting for the investigation to progress. The plane also remains still in the same city. Currently, Ghasemi is being held in Argentina, where he awaits the resolution of his procedural situation. Judge Federico Villena, who is in charge of the case, has already taken an investigative statement. The next step would be to determine either the prosecution of him or the dismissal of him. Both the US and Venezuela closely follow the evolution of the investigation into the plane. In fact, weeks ago, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro even accused the North American country of wanting to hijack the aircraft to keep it. The alarms went off in Argentina last June, when the plane entered Buenos Aires after having been denied entry to the neighboring country, Uruguay. Four months later, the aircraft is still held at the airport in the city of Buenos Aires awaiting answers.

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