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Venezuelan journalist Roland Carreo, jailed for coordinating the escape of Leopoldo Lpez and for terrorism

Thursday, 29 October 2020 – 14:47

A Caracas court, identified as a regular hammer against opponents and dissidents, accuses him of financing “the logistics used in the escape plan of citizen Leopoldo Lpez”

Nicol's press conference

Nicols Maduro press conference, on Wednesday in Caracas.

With treacherous, impunity and at dawn. The Fourth State Court of First Instance of Caracas, with jurisdiction in cases of terrorism, has decreed the deprivation of liberty against Roland Carreo, renowned journalist and leader of Voluntad Popular (VP). The Chavista judge, with the support of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), accuses him of “financing terrorism, conspiracy against the political form and illicit trafficking in weapons of war”, in addition to coordinating “the financing of the logistics used in the escape plan of citizen Leopoldo Lpez from the Spanish Embassy “.

This court, designated as a habitual hammer against opponents and dissidents, assures that the police detained the democratic activist “in flagrante delicto” with a rifle model AM-15 caliber 5.56 with 17 ammunition. In the revolutionary story, Carreo acts as a financial operator with the aim of executing conspiratorial plans against the national Executive.

The Bolivarian judge accuses the journalist of personally making logistics payments to terrorist groups trying to suspend the elections of December 6, “for which it uses the facade of non-governmental organizations.” As if all this were not enough, Carreo would also have participated in Operation Geden, the two unsuccessful landings of rebel military against Maduro, which also included two mercenaries from the United States.

“No confession of Carreo is valid without his lawyer”, clarified his defender, Joel García, who also denounced that the journalist remained missing for 48 hours. “History repeats itself, it is the same file that was awarded to Roberto Marrero (head of Juan Guaid’s office), they just changed the name of the accused,” the lawyer said.

Both the United Nations Mission and General Cristhopher Figuera, former director of political policy, have confirmed that the usual modus operandi of Chavista agents is to plant explosives or weapons of war to carry out the charges. The previous cases are multiple, among them that of the former Hispanic-Venezuelan political prisoner Demstenes Quijada, who had a gun in the family home next to her little son’s room. Or that of the also former Spanish prisoner Yon Goicochea, who was planted detonating cords for explosives in the vehicle where he transported his children.

“We demand his release and reject any attempt to fabricate false positives to incriminate him,” insisted the National Union of Press Workers (SNTP).

The latest “terrorist attack” carried out by the opponents was denounced yesterday by Nicols Maduro at his international press conference. The “son of Chvez” assured that the Amuay refinery was attacked with powerful weapons last Tuesday. Oil workers later denied him and assured that it is again an explosion caused by the overload to produce heavy diesel. Amuay has been a victim for years of revolutionary corruption, lack of investment, and mismanagement by the authorities.

“Maduro, as is customary, lies. What destroyed Amuay and the refineries was the corruption and looting of the dictatorship, which also feeds back on human rights violations,” he denounced. Juan Guaid, president in charge.

Carreo is very close both to the president in charge himself and to Leopoldo Lpez, who last week starred in a movie leak that has caused a chain of reprisals from Chavismo, which included the arrest of seven guards from the Spanish diplomatic legation, the cook and a pair of bodyguards from Lpez and a relative of Lpez’s sister. All of them are already at large. Four Spanish national police officers, who work at the Embassy, ​​were also harassed in their homes.

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