Tuesday, September 21

Venezuelan Taxi Driver Killed in Georgia; they are looking for suspected murderers

(CNN Español) — Authorities in Georgia confirmed this Saturday the death of Rossana Delgado, a 37-year-old Venezuelan mother of two, who worked as a taxi driver and whose disappearance, which occurred on Friday, April 16, had caused the mobilization in the media and social networks for part of family and friends to find his whereabouts.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) reported in a statement that Delgado’s body was found Tuesday in a home in Cherry Log, Georgia, when officers from the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office conducted a home wellness review.

Delgado had been reported missing in Barrow County, where she lived with her family, on April 16 and was last seen in DeKalb County on the same day, the GBI reported.

Cherry Log is a town in Gilmer County, located about 90 miles north of Decatur, where Delgado was last seen.

The Bureau added that four arrest warrants have been issued for murder against suspects Megan Alyssa Colone, Juan Ayala-Rodríguez, Óscar Manuel García and Mario Alberto Barbosa-Juárez.

“The four suspects plus a fifth, who have yet to be identified, are believed to be no longer in Georgia,” the GBI explained in the statement.

“Authorities across the country have been alerted to these people,” added the GBI.

The Bureau did not give details about whether there was a relationship between Delgado and the suspects or about the possible motive behind his death or details of it, only indicated that “the investigation continues to be very active” and that the results of the autopsy are still pending.

The GBI and the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office responded to CNN inquiries Saturday that they had no further information to share at this time.

On Saturday, the GBI said it was working on the case with officers from the Gilmer Sheriff’s Office, Barrow, with the DeKalb County Police and the Chamblee Police, as well as various state and federal agencies to “locate and detain to those responsible “.


Yhoni Castro, Delgado’s husband, told Univision 34 Atlanta (CNN affiliate) on Tuesday that he had spoken with his wife around 7 p.m. (local time) on Friday, April 16 and that she had told him that she was going to transport to a woman from a store and then she would retire to her home.

«He told me that if I was going home, that I had left my food cooked, and he told me that he would end up here and go home. I returned to the house and did not call again and the phone was turned off all the time, “said Castro.

According to Delgado’s husband, the family was able to follow the woman’s route thanks to a mobile app, which led them to a location in Decatur, east of Atlanta, where the phone was apparently turned off.

The man said he filed the disappearance complaints later.

Castro had turned to local media and social networks with the woman’s family to request help in the case.

This Thursday, family and friends of Delgado held a vigil. According to a transmission on Facebook from Univision 34 Atlanta, the attendees wore T-shirts with Rossana’s image and asked people who approached that if they had any information about her, they would share it with the authorities.

Castro spoke with CNN on Saturday before the GBI confirmed the death of the Venezuelan and said he could not talk about the case, due to a request from the Bureau.

He did not answer subsequent calls made following the release of the GBI statement.


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