Tuesday, July 5

Verbatim launches SSD that can only be written once, and lasts 10 years

This quirky SSD is designed for office environments where accidental deletion or overwriting can’t be afforded.

The physical media that can only be written once, such as recordable DVDs or Blu-rays, can still be easily purchased in stores. But they are limited in capacity: dual-layer recordable DVDs hold up to 8.5GB, and recordable Blu-rays up to 50GB.

These discs have gradually been replaced by rewritable formats, such as pen drives or SSDswhich can be overwritten thousands of times… but have a short life cycle, around 5 years.

popular storage brand Verbatim has presented in Japan the first SSD that can only be written once. In return, it extends their life expectancy to 10 years.

This PCIe Gen3 x4 SSD offers extraordinarily good speed, making it ideal for any type of PC. With 1TB of capacity, right now it is at a very good price.

An write-once SSD It seems like a pretty pointless thing to do, but if you think about it, it’s suitable in very specific scenarios.

Verbatim focuses it on office environments where accounting or confidential data needs to be stored, which cannot be lost under any circumstances. Since the SSD can only be written once, accidental deletions or overwrites are prevented.

This write-once SSD is called Verbatim SWOVA128G and it is a compact external device, with a size of only 46 x 108 x 9.5mm, and a weight of 55 grams. It has a capacity of 128 GB.

The company that now belongs to Mitsubishi has not explained how this unique writing works, but it seems that it is a combination of proprietary hardware and software.

The recording of the SSD can only be carried out from a PC with Windows 10 or 11, and the NET 4.8 library installed. Once the information is recorded, it can be read without the need for any software by any Mac, ChromeOS, iOS, Android and Windows 8.1, 10 and 11 device. But It cannot be erased or written on.

The write speed is 180 Mbps, and the read speed is 540 Mbps.

Verbatim makes it clear that this technology is not hacker-proof. It is not designed to prevent theft, but rather accidental deletion or overwriting.

Nor is it responsible for the loss or deletion of data, although it states in the product file that it uses premium quality NAND Flash memory chips, capable of storing information for 10 years. At the moment it has not provided the price or the launch date.

A very curious product, although at a business level, companies that want to store data safely and long-term use magnetic tapes, which have broken records in 2022.

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