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Verdú: “Eibar comes with a desire for revenge and it will be a very difficult game”

Gonzalo Verdú stressed yesterday that

Gonzalo Verdú stressed yesterday that “listening to Escribá fills you with positivity.” | SONIA ARCOS / ECF

Whenever Gonzalo Verdú speaks, he leaves interesting headlines. Yesterday was no less. The French-green captain yesterday made a complete analysis of the arrival of the new coach and tomorrow’s important game against Eibar, one of the most decisive moments of the championship. “Winning at Eibar would help us to see things in a different way.” But it will not be easy. Of the Basque team, the Cartagena footballer highlights “his unity as a group. It is a very strong and worked team ». In addition, “they are going to come wanting revenge and it will be a very difficult game.”

With the new coach, “we have been working to detect where we can hurt them and also how to make ourselves stronger. He is one of the rivals with whom we are going to fight to the end for salvation, ”he recalls.

In a press conference with a deep technical analysis of the situation, Gonzalo Verdú highlighted Escribá’s idea of ​​”seeking a balance between attack and defense, to become a solid team and not give facilities to the contrary,” cause, according to the defense himself, from losing too many points this season. Verdú understands that “salvation is to be a solid team defensively, which is also the key to being able to start winning games.” The coach is insisting on the idea of ​​”involving all players from both sides, defensive and attacking, that we all participate when we have to defend and when we attack.” The defender acknowledged that the physical condition of the team is not optimal. “In a few days you cannot fix an issue that takes time, but the technician has already emphasized it. We have had very bad luck with players who participated a lot and who have been injured. It is also true that we had to carry out express physical preparation at the beginning of the season and that we have not been able to work on this aspect well for a year, ”lamented the defender.

Improvements on a technical and physical level must be accompanied by a dose of hope on a mental level. The last defeat not only sentenced coach Almirón. It was the moment when the squad “screamed” because they couldn’t take it anymore. The reflection, the words of Raúl Guti at the end of the meeting: «I don’t know what we can do to get out of this crisis. We are sunk, “said the midfielder.

For this reason, Gonzalo Verdú yesterday gave great importance to the attitude of the team. “The state of mind is fundamental” and the arrival of a new coach has been decisive. “In the end, with the change a sea of ​​emotions is generated and the player wants to prove his worth and that the new coach has him, which increases the overall competitiveness in the team.”

According to the defender, the Valencian coach “has generated good feelings and very important emotions in the players and now we must focus that positive energy to win at Eibar.” The footballer, as always, was very clear: “Football is also a state of mind and now we are regaining that confidence we need to break that bad streak and start a new league, from today until the end of the season.” The fact that “a coach like Escribá has decided to take over the team inspires confidence in the group and makes you believe in our goal. Just listening to him speak fills you with positivity. Verdú assured that “he will need everyone and will have 25 warriors who are going to go with him to the death,” declared the green-franj captain.

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